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Inspiration 2 Cot

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Inspiration 2 Cot is compliant with latest EN 50637:2017 paediatric bed safety standards. The cot features an electrically operated height adjustment and head / foot down platform tilt.<br><br>In case of power failure, the cot comes as standard with a battery back-up. The mattress platform panels are easy to remove, with surfaces that are easy to clean and decontaminate for effective infection control.<br><br>SKU's<br>9004 - Inspiration 2 Cot & Lullaby VE Mattress<br>9004/MPBA - Inspiration 2 Cot (No Mattress)<br>9005 - Inspiration 2 Cot with CPR & Lullaby VE Mattress<br>9005/MPBA - Inspiration 2 Cot with CPR (No Mattress)