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Our audit service provides a thorough assessment of your processes and equipment from infection control, patient welfare and appropriate use perspectives.

Drive DeVilbiss Service understands the challenges involved with appropriately managing your equipment while maintaining patient care. A dedicated and professional audit service can be provided to alleviate these pressures.

Our audit service provides a thorough assessment of your processes and equipment from infection control, patient welfare and appropriate use perspectives.

The company has a dedicated and specially trained Audit Team that work with a wide range of customers to plan, deliver and undertake equipment audits.

A variety of audit services are available:

Equipment Condition Assessment
This assessment focuses on the condition of beds, mattresses, ward chairs and hoists in situ at any given time. Comprehensive digital reports are provided detailing the findings and offer recommendations to support asset lifecycle management.

Mattress Management Review
This review is tailored to those who may be experiencing a high volume of damage to mattresses. Our team of Audit Technicians investigate the mattress process, scrutinising storage, transportation and cleaning procedures to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. Following review, a digital report is provided highlighting the findings.

Pressure Ulcer Prevalence Audit
This type of audit seeks to identify both the overall number and the severity of pressure ulcers at a customer’s site at the time of the audit. The aim is to review areas such as conformance to ‘best practice guidelines’, the timing of risk assessments and the implementation of preventative strategies.

Appropriate Equipment Usage
This audit looks at the type of surfaces being used to nurse patients and whether this is suitable for each individual.

Asset Register Management
Drive DeVilbiss Service can update existing asset registers or create entirely new ones, creating a library of equipment by quantity and type. Information delivered can include product age, serial numbers and whether the equipment is owned or hired.

Equipment disposal
Drive DeVilbiss Service are able to provide full removal of condemned equipment ensuring that disposal is carried out to meet legislative requirements.

Clinical Audit Tool

Drive DeVilbiss Service provide a dedicated clinical education, advice and guidance service that fully supports your priorities and needs.

Support offered includes product training which caters for all staff roles across a wide range of themes, including mattress care, pressure ulcer awareness, pressure mapping, product selection and step up/step down processes. The Clinical Team can attend your organisations educational and study events, Link Nurse meetings and other occasions which they could be of a benefit to your staff and patients. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have the resources to produce case studies, training materials and content specifically suited to your requirements which fully meet CQC standards.

Targeted Auditing Clinical Tool (TACT)

Targeted Auditing Clinical Tool (TACT) is a custom-made clinical audit tool, which covers key areas in relation to tissue viability and the appropriate use of equipment. Drive DeVilbiss Service clinical specialists will work closely with your clinicians, to develop bespoke audits, tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation. Stepping a patient up or stepping a patient down can be a challenge for some organisations. This audit looks at the type of support surfaces being used to nurse patients. It will assess the suitability for the individual and clinical benefits it will deliver.

Quotation Marks

“I cannot believe we achieved so much in such a short space of time; as a whole I feel the audit went very well, the team were courteous, polite and conducted themselves in a professional manner at all times.”

 - Equipment Library & Decontamination Unit Manager