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Lullaby VE Mattress

The Lullaby VE is a mattress developed to be used with the Inspiration cot. Manufactured from two foam layers and using visco-elastic foam for the top layer, this mattress provides pressure redistribution and comfort for young patients.<br><br>SKU - MAT/LULL/VE<br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible Inspiration Cot Models.

Apollo Infant Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

The clinically advanced Apollo Infant dynamic mattress replacement system has been designed for infants to be used in conjunction with the Inspiration II Cot in a hospital environment. The system provides pressure redistribution with dual therapy modes to enhance patient care and outcomes.<br><br>SKU - DYN/DIG/INFANT

Inspiration 2 Cot Infusion Pole

The IV pole is compatible with the Inspiration 2 Cot and can be inserted into one of the head end sockets.<br><br>SKU - 9005/DP

Inspiration 2 Cot Oxygen Cylinder Carrier

An oxygen cylinder carrier designed for use with the Inspiration 2 Cot, allowing easy, discreet and secure addition of oxygen cylinders.<br><br>Can be simply added into one of the accessory sockets at the head end of the Cot.<br><br>SKU - 9005/OC

Inspiration Cot - Traction System

Traction system designed specifically for the Inspiration Cot range.<br><br>SKU - TRACT/PAED