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Rental Solutions

As a UK manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of durable medical devices we specialise in providing equipment solutions that meet individual customers’ needs as well as the requirements of hospitals, care homes, community service providers and the primary care sector.
Winter Pressures 2022

Maximise Acute Bed Capacity this Winter

The last few years have seen some of the most challenging times for bed capacity planning and management. Current bed space is already at a premium due to the backlog of medical cases which the NHS is faced with, due to treatment delays during the pandemic. As we move into winter and the potential of increased instances of hospitalisation due to infections such as Flu and Noro virus, the demand on bed spaces will be pushed to extremes. Planning now for these eventualities
will ensure that hospitals can maintain a high level of service and support for patients and staff through the difficult winter pressure months.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are able to help…

We can provide acute beds and mattresses to help you maximise bed capacity, help you hit your targets and maintain patient care.

For more information on our Rental Solutions to support Winter Pressures 23/24 please click here

Rental 2023/24 Product Focus

Paediatric Rental Options
The Inspiration Cot
Dynamic Mattress Rental Options
Artemis Dynamic Mattress System

We have a large portfolio of equipment within our range that is available for both short and long-term rental, providing great flexibility for our customers.

Product Rental Portfolio

  • Acute ward beds.
  • Community beds.
  • Specialist beds e.g. bariatric, paediatric.
  • Pressure area care solutions including static, hybrid and dynamic support surfaces.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • Ward furniture.
  • Moving & handling solutions including hoists and transfer aids.
  • Respiratory products including oxygen concentrators.
  • Specialist packages including bariatric equipment, paediatric equipment and discharge support packages.

Within our equipment management provision, we can also offer equipment from other manufacturers due to our strong supplier relationships and service support expertise.

We are able to support our rental activities 24/7, and tailor our rental agreements to individual customer requirements, all supported by our customer service team and field teams for all service, maintenance and decontamination. Stockholding of rental equipment is managed through our network of service centres and can support the changing demands to ensure continuous provision.

Rental solutions are available on an ad hoc rental basis, agreed equipment provision, block rental or utilising rent to buy contracts.

The Benefits of our Rental Solutions;

  • Ring-fenced stock to ensure we can meet customer needs. Our products are stocked in the UK across multiple sites to ensure we have product available locally for quick installations.
  • 24/7 support, with fast response times including same day delivery (From the point of purchase order received, unless otherwise agreed, based on stock levels).
  • No additional costs; 24/7 service and repair needs covered in rental payments and equipment picked up at end of rental period is also included.
  • Full training and support requirements provided with each rental as required.
  • Decontamination certificate provided with each rental to provide assurance that equipment is clean and ready for use.

Fast Flexible Solutions

We can offer flexible solutions to meet your equipment needs and preferred financial requirements;

  • Rental Solutions to quickly increase temporary bed spaces and be reactive to the seasonal capacity challenges. Rent on a per day, block period or defined contract term. Providing easy management of short and long-term requirements, fast response to specialist clinical needs and seasonal pressures without
    increasing overall bed stock.
  • Rent to buy options spreading the cost of equipment over a fixed period. No large capital expenditure required, with all the benefits of our rental solutions for the duration of the contract and full ownership at the end.
  • Capital purchase for long term bed stock.