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Hebden Bed

The Hebden beds provide a comprehensive portfolio of functions developed specifically to meet the needs of nursing and residential care home applications. The high quality beds are complimented by an attractive domestic appearance including covered wooden head and foot ends available in a range of wood colour options and designs to match interior decor schemes. The beds are supplied with finger kits and side rails can be purchased separately.<br><br>Models available are;<br>HEB/01/100/LOAK/FSR - Hebden Bed in Light Oak, Design 01 Head/Foot Boards without Side Rails<br>HEB/02/100/LOAK/FSR - Hebden Bed in Light Oak, Design 02 Head/Foot Boards without Side Rails<br>HEB/05/100/LOAK/FSR - Hebden Bed in Light Oak, Design 05 Head/Foot Boards without Side Rails<br><br>Please see the Related Products section at the bottom of page for side rail and accessory information.