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Hebden Bed Side Rail in Light Oak

A single wooden side rail for the Hebden Nursing Care beds. In Light Oak.<br><br>SKU - HEB/SIDE/LOAK<br><br>Please note this SKU is for a single side rail, so for a complete set of 2 bar wooden side rails, you will need to order 4 x HEB/SIDE/LOAK

Infusion (Drip) Pole

The IV pole is compatible with the Hebden range and can be inserted into one of the head end sockets.<br><br>SKU - 1275/DP

Lifting Pole

Lifting pole strap and handle for use with the Hebden and Belvedere range of beds.<br><br>SKU - 1275/LP

Side Rail Mesh Pads

A pair of full length wraparound side rail pads designed for use with the Casa Elite, Bradshaw & Hebden beds. Pads have mesh central section for user to see through. Easy to attach and remove using Velcro fastening. Secure and comfortable cushioning to ensure safety of bed occupants<br><br>SKU - 1275/PS

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