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Miko Sun Shade Rain Canopy

Our one piece sun and rain canopy easily fits over the sun shade at the first sign of rain. When the sun is out the rain canopy can be stored in the handy zipped pouch located on the rear panel of the sun canopy, which also protects the back of the seat.<br><br>SOS sun shades and rain canopies are available together or as separate items.

Miko Footrest

A range of moulded footrests are available as an accessory for the Miko.<br><br>SOS Moulded Footrests can also be fitted with soft padding to provide client protection and also foot retaining straps to further assist functionality. SOS Moulded Footrests can be supplied in a variety of colours and patterns.

Miko Net Carrier

Available as an accessory for the Miko, the net carrier is a convenient under-seat storage attached to frame