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Solite Pro

The Solite Pro bed range is designed and manufactured in the UK. Our design brief was simple; to create a high quality, reliable, durable bed to meet patient needs at home. This electrically operated, 4 section profiling bed features a built-in auto regression function, and transport stand storage locators. The optional patented side rails can be added for complete in-bed safety whilst ensuring easier ingress and egress for the patient.<br><br>Models available are;<br>SOLITE/PRO - Solite Pro Community Bed<br>SOLITE/PRO/LOW - Solite Pro Low Height Community Bed<br>SOLITE/PRO/LOW/BB - Solite Pro Low Height Community Bed, with Battery Back-up<br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible side rails, pads and other accessories for the Solite Pro range of beds.

Alphalite Bed

The Alphalite is a clinically advanced bed which supports effective patient care and delivers exceptional value for money. The Alphalite shares many common parts and accessories with our other beds making fleet maintenance easier. The Alphalite is available either as standard or low bed with a battery back up option.<br><br>Models available are;<br>ALPHALITE/1 - Alphalite Community Bed<br>ALPHALITE/LOW/1 - Alphalite Low Height Community Bed<br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible accessories.<br><br>Please note, side rails must be purchased separately.