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Mountway Splash Bathlift

The Mountway Splash bathlift offers a simple, practical and budget-friendly solution to getting in and out of the bath. At the touch of a button, Splash will lower you safely to the bottom of the bath and will then raise you smoothly back to the top again.

Neptune Bathlift

The Neptune Bathlift is a powered seat which gently and safely lowers and raises users smoothly in the touch of a button. Its compact design allows for the bathlift to fit into almost any style of bath, giving legroom and excellent space for user transfers. The compact unit separates easily into two lightweight sections for quick removal and easy storage / transportation. The Neptune has a waterproof, slim line control with large textured rocker switches. A battery level indicator light monitors when recharging is required and a 'Stop Descent' feature prevents the bathlift from lowering without sufficient battery power to rise back up again.