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6FT Patient Tubing

6ft patient tubing for use with the Drive DeVilbiss range of VacuAide suction units.<br><br>SKU - 6305D-611

12V DC Power Cord

The 12V DC power cord enables the VacuAide range of suction units to be charged from a 12V source like a car.<br><br>SKU - 7304D-619

UK AC Power Cord

UK AC Power Cord is used across various products in the respiratory range.<br><br>SKU - DV51D-608

800ml disposable container with internal filter cartridge, splash guard and 4-1/2” (11.43 cm) tubing (48 each)

A pack of 48 non-assembled 800ml canisters complete with lids, canisters, filter cartridges and connection tubing all compatible with the 7305 and 7314 vacuAide suction units.<br><br>SKU - 7305D-632

Collection Container Kit (800ml Container)

Single, pre-assembled 800ml canister, complete with canister, lid, connection tubing, a filter cartridge and 6ft patient tubing.<br><br>SKU - 7305D-633

Filter cartridge 12 pack (For Disposable Container)

The replacement hydrophobic filter cartridges incorporate an elbow connection, reducing the number of components required for use. These filters should be used with the 7305D-633 and 7305D-632 canisters only.<br><br>SKU - 7305D-635

Collection Container Kit (1200 ml reusable container, external bacteria filter, elbow, 4-1/2” (11.43 cm) tubing)

A single canister kit, comes complete with 1200ml reusable canister, lid, 4 3/8inch connection tubing, bacterial filter and elbow compatible with the 7314 VacuAide QSU suction unit.<br><br>SKU - 7314D-603

1200 ml reusable container (external bacteria filter, elbow, 4-1/2” (11.43 cm) tubing) 6 pack

A canister kit in a pack of 6, comes complete with 1200ml reusable canisters, lids, 4 3/8inch connection tubing, bacterial filter and elbows compatible with the 7314 VacuAide QSU suction unit.<br><br>SKU - 7314D-604

AC to DC adapter/charger

The AC to DC adapter for the 7314 VacuAide suction unit range. Please note that this does not include a mains lead - this should be purchased separately DV51D-608<br><br>SKU - 7314P-613

Connection Tubing 4 3/8 inch

Connection Tubing measured at 4 and 3/8 inches, to connect the suction pump and the collection canister. Can be used with the VacuAide range of portable suction devices, please refer to the VacuAide IFU for full compatability between suction pumps and canister configurations. Comes as a pack of 12<br><br>SKU - 7305D-639

Carry Case for 7325 VacuAide

The carry case for the 7325 VacuAide provides portability for suction therapy at all times. It is hard wearing and made from strong material, with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. The carry case features accessory pockets, and access for the power switch, power input, patient tubing and a side flap enables the container fluid level to be viewed.<br><br>SKU - 7325D-635

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