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6FT Patient Tubing

6ft patient tubing for use with the Drive DeVilbiss range of VacuAide suction units.<br><br>SKU - 6305D-611

12V DC Power Cord

The 12V DC power cord enables the VacuAide range of suction units to be charged from a 12V source like a car.<br><br>SKU - 7304D-619

External bacteria filter (non-sterile) (12 pack) For reusable container

The replacement external bacterial filter for the Classic 800ml disposable canister configuration, for use with the 7305 and 7314 VacuAide suction machines<br><br>SKU - 7305D-608

Battery Door

The replacement battery door for the 7310 VacuAide Compact suction unit.<br><br>SKU - 7310P-602

725ml Reusable Container Kit (Jar, Lid/Elbow Assembly, Filter)

The replacement 725ml reusable container kit is compatible with the 7310 VacuAde Compact suction unit and contains the canister, lid, elbow assembly and filter.<br><br>SKU - 7310P-603

Carrying Case w/Shoulder Strap

The carry case for the 7310 VacuAide Compact suction unit features a shoulder strap and provides portability for suction therapy on the go.<br><br>SKU - 7310P-606

AC to DC adapter/charger

The AC to DC adapter for the 7314 VacuAide suction unit range. Please note that this does not include a mains lead - this should be purchased separately DV51D-608<br><br>SKU - 7314P-613

UK AC Power Cord

UK AC Power Cord is used across various products in the respiratory range.<br><br>SKU - DV51D-608

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