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iGo2 External Battery Charger UK

iGo2 Charging Station enables the batteries for the iGo2 portable oxygen concentrator to be charged directly from the mains, separately from the concentrator. This is particularly useful for charging additional batteries when longer periods of portability is required.<br><br>SKU - 125CH-615

iGo2 Spare Battery

The iGo2 battery is also available to buy separately to have as a spare, or for those that require longer periods of portability.<br><br>SKU - 125D-613

Carrying Case

The carry case is specifically designed for the iGo2, it is an over the shoulder style carry bag.<br><br>SKU - 125D-670

UK AC Power Cord

UK AC Power Cord is used across various products in the respiratory range.<br><br>SKU - DV51D-608

iGo2 Power Supply (AC/DC Adapter)

The power supply for the iGo2 portable oxygen concentrator<br><br>SKU - DV68-620

DC Power cord (Cigarette Lighter Adapter)

The 12V DC power cord enables the iGo2 portable oxygen concentrator to be charged from a 12V source like a car.<br><br>SKU - DV6X-619

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