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Solite Pro Ultra Low Floor Level Bed

Designed and developed for the community and long-term care environments; the Solite Pro Ultra Low Floor Level Bed provides simplified solutions for those at risk of falls, with an ultra-low mattress platform of just 7.5cm, enabling the bed platform to be lowered closer to the floor reducing the risk of a fall from height for vulnerable occupants.<br><br>With a patented Dual Actuator System (DAS) the Solite Pro Ultra Low has a mattress platform range of 7.5 to 80.3cm, allowing the bed to be raised/lowered to a height such that a carer's posture is closer to neutral for the moving and handling of bed occupants.<br><br>SKU - SOLITE/PRO/ULOW<br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible accessories.

Dedicated Mattress for Solite Pro Ultra Low Bed

The Solite Pro Ultra Low dedicated mattress is a foam mattress with cut outs in the base to securely fit the Solite Pro Ultra Low mattress platform when the Mesh Safe Side Rails are installed. The size and shape of this mattress ensures that gaps are minimised when the Mesh Safe Side Rails are used.<br><br>This is the only mattress that is compatible with the Mesh Safety Side Rails installed. A clinical risk assessment should be completed before requesting side rails.<br><br>SKU - ULOW/MAT

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