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E-Med 1205 and 1405 Patient Trolley

The E-MED 1205 two-section and the E-MED 1405 four-section patient trolleys have been developed for applications in the acute care environment including A&E, hospital wards, day case surgery, x-ray and general patient transportation. The trolleys operate with a smooth, adjustable height range of 56-88cm, easily adjusted using dual sided foot controls which can be placed at the head or foot of the trolley.<br><br>The special patient platform is totally radio transparent, and the open construction of the trolley beneath the platform enables x-ray and imaging equipment to be operated either above or below the full length of the patient. <br><br>Options available include;<br>EMED/1205/KIT - E-Med 1205<br>EMED/1405/KIT - E-Med 1405<br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible accessories.