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Glider Swing Height Adjustable Tilt in Space Indoor Mobility Wheelbase

Designed for use indoors, Glider Swing features independent height adjustment and tilt in space facility allowing the client to take part in every day activities. Ideal for home and school.<br><br>Available with a foot operated pedal or optional powered actuator to activate the ‘Swing’ mechanism allowing easy movement from high to low positions with the ability to hold at any level; for convenient placement of equipment for a wide range of activities. <br><br>Locking castors secure the chassis when stationary to assist with movement of the height adjustment from low to high settings.<br><br>Angle adjustment of the seat is also available with integral Tilt in Space on the top seat sub frame.<br><br>The Glider ‘Swing’ gives a multi-functional mobile solution to indoor use of Special Seating within the home or school environment as it can be used with ,pre than one seating system. The built in SOS Quick-Lok system allows seating systems to be swapped easily.<br><br>All Gliders can be fitted with a tray to act as a work/play surface.<br><br>Available in standard sizes and a range of colours.

Glider Uni Tilt-in-Space Indoor Mobility Wheelbase

Glider Uni is a simple, fixed height indoor wheelbase designed to help make practical activities more accessible to children. Ideal for use at home or school. The Glider Uni Mobility Base is a convenient, lightweight mobile chassis allowing easy movement of seating equipment indoors.<br><br>Featuring a handle operated Tilt in Space system the Glider Uni can be reclined for the best sitting position.<br><br>Glider is compatible with most SOS seating systems. The SOS Quick-Lok mechanism allows seating systems to be swapped easily.