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Manual Fold+ Scooter

Based on the original, the Manual Fold+ Scooter is an upgraded model with a fresh new design and an extensive list of new features. At only 19.8kg*, the Manual Fold+ is up to 3kg lighter than the original model and contains a larger battery pack for an increased range.<br><br>Models available are; <br>MFLD2RD - Manual Fold+ Scooter (Red)<br>MFLD2BL - Manual Fold+ Scooter (Blue)<br><br>Please find a compatible charging station in the Related Products section below.

AutoFold Scooter

The lightweight AutoFold Scooter has been designed to allow users to simply transport and store their scooter, making it ideal for easy travelling. The scooter can be easily folded or unfolded by remote control in under 15 seconds, providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go. Rear anti-tip wheels are joined by an anti-rollback system safety device, preventing the scooter from rolling backwards on hills.<br><br>Models available are;<br>FLEXRD-UK - AutoFold Scooter (Red)<br>FLEXBL-UK - AutoFold Scooter (Blue)<br><br><br>Please see the Related Products section below for compatible accessories.