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IV Pole for Vivo Bed

The IV Pole is compatible with the ACTIV8 Vivo ICU bed and fits into the universal accessory sockets located at each corner of the bed.<br><br>SKU - ACTIV8/VIVO/IV

Lifting Pole for Vivo Bed

The Lifting Pole for the Vivo bed can be fitted to either if the bed corners at the head end. It enables patients to reposition themselves in bed more easily.<br><br>SKU - ACTIV8/VIVO/LP

Monitor Shelf for Vivo Bed

A tip over monitor tray for the Vivo beds<br><br>SKU - ACTIV8/VIVO/MON

Oxygen Cylinder Holder for Vivo Bed

The cylinder holder for the Vivo can be fitted to either of the bed corners at the head end. When not in use it can be rotated to sit underneath the mattress platform to save space.<br><br>SKU - ACTIV8/VIVO/O2

Vivo Bed X-ray Cassette

The backrest of the Vivo bed is made of ABS and HPL and is radio-transparent. It is possible to insert a plate in the tray positioned under the backrest and to perform a chest X-ray.<br><br>SKU - ACTIV8/VIVO/XRAY/CASET

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