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BB Plus Modular Seating System

The BB Plus: Our modular BB system but with even more adjustment for complex postures.<br><br>The BB Plus from SOS takes the principles of the proven BB Modular seat and introduces a large range of adjustment to all the primary dimensions of the seat. This makes the BB Plus capable of dealing with growth and other changes that require the size of the seat to be adjusted. <br><br>The BB Plus is a cost effective option for growing children.<br><br>The BB Plus system can be adjusted taking into account growth and posture changes. Interchangeable padding allows the seat to be adjusted with greater flexibility to give the seating system a longer lifespan.<br><br>Based on established seating principles the BB Plus establishes the control required to maintain mid line sitting posture. The introduction of an angle adjustable joint at the base of the backrest allows adjustment between the base and backrest angle of the seat. This adjustment allows greater flexibility in use of the seat.