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SD2 Aluminium Wheelchair

The SD2 Wheelchair has an elegant metallic black aluminium frame and a double cross brace for added support. User comfort is paramount, with pushbutton adjustable armrests joined by a deluxe tension adjustable backrest and cushioned seat. The SD2 is fitted with reflectors to improve outdoor visibility at dusk or when dark and it comes with a calf strap as standard for extra support.

XS Aluminium Wheelchair

The XS Aluminium Wheelchair was developed to provide more features as standard with added comfort. A sturdy, colourful, aluminium frame is lightweight for transporting, durable and aesthetically pleasing. A simple folding mechanism, half-folding backrest and removable arms and footrests allow for space-saving storage and easy transportation. The chair is fitted with reflectors, improving outdoor visibility.

XS2 Aluminium Transit Wheelchair

The XS2 contains a simple folding mechanism, half-folding back, removable arms and quick-release footrests, allowing for space-saving storage and easy transportation. Padded desk-style armrests provide additional comfort and allow unhindered access to work surfaces. A seat cushion, tension adjustable backrest and push-button length adjustable armrests come as standard, allowing the chair to be easily adapted to a users preferences.

K Chair

The K-Chair has a folding frame with removable footrests and a half-folding back mechanism for easy storage and transportation. Padded desk style armrests provide additional comfort and allow unhindered access to work surfaces. Padded seat, back cushions and a tension adjustable backrest come as standard to provide additional comfort. Shock-absorbing front castors and rear adjustable shock absorbers ensure an optimal ride. Parking brakes are user or attendant accessible, while adjustable anti-tip wheels facilitate safety and secure kerb climbing.

Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair

The Lightweight Aluminium Wheelchair is constructed from sturdy aluminium, this wheelchair is durable and robust, yet lightweight for transporting (8.5kg in its carrying format). A nylon seat and back offer comfortable support, and along with upholstered armpads, can be easy to clean. The chair folds up easily for storage and transportation, further enhanced by a half-folding backrest and quick-release footrest and wheels.