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Elbow Double Adjustable Crutches

The Trough Crutches have been specifically designed with a padded forearm platform to help support and distribute body weight across a larger surface area.

Bariatric Forarm Crutches

The Bariatric forearm crutches contain shaft and cuff heights which are easily adjustable via a simple push button mechanism. They feature comfortable, slip resistant hand grips, large slip resistant tips and are supplied in pairs.

Child Crutches (Red)

The Child Forearm Crutches in Red, assists children who can partially weight bear. The sturdy, durable aluminium shaft and cuff heights, can be independently adjusted by push-buttons for optimal sizing. Slip resistant tips ensure stability for the users, while all surfaces can be easily wiped clean.

Single Adjustable Crutches

The Single Adjustable Crutches are made from sturdy, yet lightweight, aluminium for stability and durability. The shaft height is easily adjustable by push-button to suit the users requirements. The handgrip is PVC with a moulded cuff, offering comfortable and secure support.