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Winter Pressures 2022

21st October 2022
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The last few years have seen some of the most challenging times for bed capacity planning and management. Current bed space is already at a premium due to the backlog of medical cases which the NHS is faced with, due to treatment delays during the pandemic. As we move into winter and the potential of increased instances of hospitalisation due to infections such as Flu and Noro virus, the demand on bed spaces will be pushed to extremes. Planning now for these eventualities will ensure that hospitals can maintain a high level of service and support for patients and staff through the difficult winter pressure months.

These challenges are recognised by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, who are prepared with their Rental Solutions and a range of Acute Beds and Mattresses available immediately to maximise bed capacity and maintain patient care.

Drive DeVilbiss have ringfenced stock to ensure they can meet the anticipated demand. With products stocked in the UK across multiple sites, ensuring product is available locally for quick Installation including in some cases same day delivery*.

Rental Solutions are ideal to quickly increase temporary bed spaces and be reactive to the seasonal capacity challenges. Rent on a per day, block period or defined contract term. Providing easy management of short and long-term requirements, fast response to specialist clinical needs and seasonal pressures without increasing overall bed stock.

Click here for more information on 2022 Winter Pressures Rental Solutions from Drive DeVilbiss

Additionally click here for more information on our 2022 Winter Pressures Mattress Rental Solutions

For Sales enquiries please contact and 0845 0600333

For Rental enquiries please contact and 01422 233136 (24 hours)

*From the point of purchase order received, as long as stocks last.

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Oct 2022