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Maximise Acute Bed Capacity Surges with the INNOV8 Low

5th February 2024
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The last few years have seen some of the most challenging times for bed capacity planning and management. Current bed space is already at a premium due to the backlog of medical cases which the NHS is faced with. With the potential increased instances of hospitalisation due to winter infections and the rise of Covid-19, the demand on bed spaces will be pushed to extremes.

Across 2023 we have invested significantly in our Rental assets to ensure that we can support hospitals to maintain a high level of service and support for patients and staff through the difficult winter pressure months.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are here to help…

We can provide acute beds and mattresses to help you maximise bed capacity quickly, help you hit your targets and maintain patient care.

The Benefits of our Rental Solutions

  • Standard delivery of 48 hours, next day delivery available upon request.
  • Ringfenced stock to ensure we can meet customer needs. Our products are stocked in the UK across multiple sites to ensure we have product available locally for quick installations
  • 24/7 Support, with fast response times
  • No additional costs; 24/7 service and repair needs covered in rental payments and equipment picked up at end of rental period is also included
  • Full training and support requirements provided with each rental as required
  • Decontamination certificate provided with each rental to provide assurance that equipment is clean and ready for use
  • Rental agreements are tailored to individual customer requirements

For more information on our 2023/24 Rental Offering, follow the link below or contact your local Business Development Manager.

For more information and to enquire about our rental offering

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Feb 2024