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Introducing the NEW Remote AutoFold Powerchair!

9th November 2021
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Following the huge success of the Manual Folding Powerchair, Drive DeVilbiss are delighted to launch their first AUTOFOLD Powerchair.

This excellent new addition to the range features a remote control function that enables the chair to be easily folded or unfolded in seconds at the simple touch of a button. This product development was a direct result of customer feedback, with many end users preferring the electric AUTOFOLD function over the manual fold operation.

The UK powerchair market continues to evolve and in recent years there has been a huge growth in demand for powerchairs that fold to a much smaller size. Historically standard models are often bulky in design, whereas more compact nature of these folding powerchair means they’re much easier to handle, transport and store.

Adam Naylor, Head of Regional Dealers:

“When we launched the Manual Fold Powerchair in 2018, we were unsure of how popular it would be, so we were delighted when the sales started to grow and it wasn’t long before it became our best selling powerchair. Despite its success we learned from customer feedback that there was a market and clear sales opportunity if we could develop an Auto Folding model. We’re now thrilled to be able to offer the Remote AUTOFOLD Powerchair and we can’t wait to get out there to demonstrate this great new product to our customers.”

New to Drive DeVilbiss, the AUTOFOLD Powerchair includes several new features to provide a comfortable and easy ride to help enhance the user experience. It has a stylish modern design that certainly catches the eye and remote folds to an excellent compact size, ideal for transportation in a car, train, coach or airplane storage.

Dallas Newsham – International Category Manager:

“Following the success of the Manual Fold Powerchair we were determined to find a new model that included several new features to really elevate this to the next level. In addition to its excellent Remote AUTOFOLD operation this new model includes a flip up footrest with non-slip PU coating and additional storage with a back seat pocket. It also features a much larger weight capacity than its predecessor, being able to take an impressive 23.6st (150kg). The AUTOFOLD Powerchair has a fresh new design and stylish black and silver wheel hubs that certainly catch the eye.”

“I think this new addition to our powerchair range demonstrates how committed we are to further enhancing and evolving our products to meet the ever growing demands of user needs and technology advancements,”

The AUTOFOLD Powerchair also includes shock absorbing front suspension to help provide extra comfort for a smoother ride. Other features include handy under seat storage, flip up armrests, user friendly intelligent controller and a deep comfort cushion and backrest.

For further information on the AUTOFOLD Powerchair, please click here.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Nov 2021