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Inspiration 2 Cot Receives Rave Reviews from Paediatric Wards

30th April 2024
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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's Inspiration 2 Cot is making waves, receiving positive feedback from both medical professionals and young patients alike. Building on the success of the original Inspiration Cot, the Inspiration 2 Cot offers a winning combination of functionality, safety, and a playful design.

Designed with Safety and Functionality in Mind

Manufactured in the UK and adhering to the latest EN 50637:2017 paediatric bed safety standards, the Inspiration 2 Cot prioritises the well-being of young patients. Electrically operated height adjustment, easy-to-use side rails, and removable head and foot ends with transparent panels ensure 360° patient access and clear visibility. The child-proof mechanism on the side rails prevents accidental lowering, while an optional CPR function allows for quick levelling of the mattress platform in emergencies.

A Welcoming Environment for Young Patients

Beyond functionality, the Inspiration 2 Cot boasts a design element that sets it apart. The playful bunny and butterfly motif creates a calming and inviting atmosphere for young patients, promoting a sense of comfort during their stay. This focus on patient well-being resonated with the team at Birmingham Children's Hospital, who were one of the first to adopt the Inspiration 2 Cot.

Positive Feedback from Across the Country

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's social media posts showcasing the Inspiration 2 Cot has been met with enthusiasm from healthcare professionals across the country The company's Business Development Managers have reported positive feedback during demonstrations at various hospitals, highlighting the cot's functionality, safety features, and child-friendly design.

"The colour scheme and bunny design are lovely!" commented a nurse at one of our hospitals, highlighting the cot's ability to create a more welcoming environment. The Estates Team at Birmingham Childrens hospital also praised the cot's compliance with modern safety regulations, providing peace of mind for both staff and families.

This positive response from a wide range of locations solidifies the Inspiration 2 Cot's reputation as a valuable asset in paediatric care.

Looking Ahead

The Inspiration 2 Cot represents a commitment to innovation and patient well-being in the paediatric healthcare sector. With its focus on safety, functionality, and a welcoming design, the Inspiration 2 Cot is poised to continue receiving positive feedback and become a staple in children's hospitals and departments across the country.

Elevate your paediatric care with the Inspiration 2 Cot. Request a demo and see how it can benefit your department and most importantly your patients.

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Andrew Milburn

Apr 2024