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Enhance 270 Hoist

1st February 2024
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Enhance 270 Hoist: Effortless Patient Handling with Unmatched Safety and Comfort.

Introducing the Enhance 270 Hoist, a revolutionary new patient lift designed to redefine caregiver safety and user comfort while supporting safe patient handling and transfer for both the user and caregiver. This innovative hoist provides a smooth, electrically powered experience, effortlessly manoeuvring and securely transferring patients weighing up to 272kg (43st).

Enhanced Safety and Ease of Use:

  • Fully powered operating base ensures effortless manoeuvring and exceptional stability, promoting safe patient handling.
  • Six-point cradle with a wide footprint offers optimal user comfort and security during transfers, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.
  • Emergency manual lowering mechanism and emergency stop button guarantee peace of mind and ensure prompt intervention in case of emergencies.
  • Ergonomic push handles and user-friendly handset maximise ease of use for caregivers, minimising physical strain.
  • Large, braked rear castors provide superior control and stability, even on uneven floors, enhancing overall safety.
  • Easy roll front castors facilitate optimal positioning around furniture and tight spaces, improving manoeuvrability.

Additional Features:

  • Sleek and elegant yet robust design with secure lockable rear castors for added stability, further contributing to patient safety.
  • Excellent lift range of 50-170cm allows for effortless transfers from floor to higher surfaces.
  • Battery can be charged on or off the hoist, with a stand included for convenience, ensuring uninterrupted use and patient care.
  • LCD displays on both the handset and lift control module provide clear battery level and status information, allowing for proactive monitoring and maintenance.
  • Audible alerts indicate low battery, weight overload, and other important notifications, helping to prevent potential incidents and injuries.
  • Maintenance monitoring system helps ensure timely servicing and optimal performance, minimising the risk of equipment failure and potential patient harm.
  • Compatible with a complete range of Drive DeVilbiss slings for full user support, providing optimal comfort and positioning for safe and effective patient handling.

Drive DeVilbiss Smart/Safety Control Module (optional):

  • Provides accurate service data at the touch of a button, optimizing product lifetime and simplifying maintenance, ultimately contributing to long-term patient safety and well-being.

The Enhance 270 Hoist is the perfect solution for healthcare facilities, caregivers, and individuals seeking a safe, comfortable, and effortless patient handling experience.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Feb 2024