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Celebrating 135 years of Respiratory Excellence

12th October 2023
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For more than 135 years, people have breathed easier because Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare was there

It all started with a humble country doctor and Civil War veteran, Dr. Allen DeVilbiss. Seeking an alternative to swabbing goose grease and Vaseline on the throats and in the nasal passages of cold sufferers, Dr. DeVilbiss developed the first spray atomizer by combining a rubber bulb, a piece of metal tubing cut from a discarded surgical instrument, and the base from an oil can. Launching the company in Toledo, Ohio in 1888 to produce this revolutionary invention, we’ve led the way in developing and manufacturing innovative respiratory and healthcare products ever since.

A Legacy of Innovation

Today, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare still manufactures these atomizers and has brought to market some of the world’s most groundbreaking and trusted products across patient needs for respiratory care. Introducing its first stationary oxygen concentrator in 1977, Drive DeVilbiss has continuously improved oxygen technology, introducing PulseDose® conserving technology to customise oxygen delivery to patient inhalation rate more than 30 years ago. In recent years, these industry leaders have been joined by the iFill® Personal Oxygen Station and the first-of-its-kind auto-adjusting iGo2® Portable Oxygen Concentrator, now available with Bluetooth® for remote fleet monitoring.

For more than 40 years, the Pulmo-Aide® Compressor Nebuliser system has been trusted for the in-home treatment of asthma, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, and bronchitis and has expanded to include the PulmoMate®, Pulmo-Aide® Compact, PulmoNeb® series and Traveler compressors. In 1964, we pioneered and introduced ultrasonic nebuliser technology, which reduces liquid medication to ultrafine particles of uniform size similar to fog-like mist. The DeVilbiss ultrasonic
nebuliser was the standard of care in hospitals and clinics for providing aerosol therapy for over two decades.

The tried-and-true Vacu-Aide® suction units are trusted to provide care to neonates, patients with cystic fibrosis and other diseases. These compact units are powerful, built to last, and with the addition of the quiet yet powerful Vacu-Aide®7325, now leverage rechargeable lithium-ion technology for long-lasting performance in an ultra-lightweight package.

A Brief History

A Global Leader in Quality & Reliability

Joining forces with leading DME manufacturer Drive Medical in 2015, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has grown to serve professionals and patients in more than 100 countries. Increasing production at our Somerset, Pennsylvania facility to an all-time high across 2020 and 2021 in response to the global pandemic, we were proud to supply health care providers with oxygen concentrators and other critical respiratory technologies needed to treat those affected by COVID-19. This dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance lives has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in healthcare. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to quality through meticulous engineering, quality assurance, and adherence to rigorous international standards.

Leveraging the Past for a Healthier Future

As we commemorate 135 years of helping the world breathe better, we look forward to meeting the respiratory challenges of tomorrow through the innovation, dedication, quality, and compassion that have guided us since 1888. The healthcare landscape is ever-evolving, and we are excited to continue leading the way with groundbreaking solutions that empower individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Oct 2023