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  • Massage Balls
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    The Massage Ball in Blue can be used for a self-massage or with assistance to treat back pain, improve blood flow, stimulate muscles and ease tension.

    Massage Balls Daily Living Aids

  • Pill
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    Allows medication to be easily popped out of the blister pack

    Pill Popper

  • Pill Organiser
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    A simple and effective tool for reminding users to take their medication

    Pill Organiser

  • Advanced
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    Advanced Supports are unique supports and braces, which provide full, robust protection against muscle and joint injuries with a comfortable, secure fit.

    Advanced Supports

  • Steady
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    The Steady Support range is made from the highest quality materials and is designed to give steady support to promote healing and comfort.

    Steady Supports

  • Pro-Light
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    The Elite Neoprene Universal Knee Support is made from neoprene rubber and infused with polyester and polyamide fabric.

    Pro-Light Supports

  • Support
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    These Elasticated Supports are available in a range of sizes and are manufactured from a high quality, lightweight and flexible fabric. They are comfortable but effective support to users without restricting movement.

    Support Wraps

  • Elasticated
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    These elasticated supports come in a range of sizes and are manufactured from a high quality, lightweight and flexible fabric, providing comfortable, but effective support to users without restricting movement.

    Elasticated Supports

  • Pill Cutter
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    This Pill Cutter is compact and portable, it features a useful cutting tool to cut tablets in half and a storage compartment for two tablets.

    Pill Cutter with Retail Box

  • 3 in 1 Pill
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    The Pill Cutter and Crusher is a handy 3-in-1 device which cuts, crushes and stores pills.

    3 in 1 Pill Cutter and Crusher

  • 7 Day Removable
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    The 7 Day Removable Pill Box features seven clearly labelled individual pill cases, allowing tablets to be organised over a week.

    7 Day Removable Pill Box

  • 7 Day Pocket
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    This 7 Day Pocket Pill Box is ideal for carrying in handbags or pockets, ensuring medication doses are never missed. It is a full-week pill box with seven individually closing compartments.

    7 Day Pocket Pill Box

  • 7 Day
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    This smart 7 Day Pill Pouch features seven multi-coloured pill cases contained within a handy wallet providing a simple, but effective way for organising medication.

    7 Day Pill Pouch

  • 7 Day Spring
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    The unique 7 Day Spring Loaded Pill Box features seven pill inserts housed in a transparent case. Each insert contains four separate compartments, enabling a large number of pills to be organised.

    7 Day Spring Loaded Pill Box

  • Elasticated Support
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    Manufactured from high quality, lightweight and breathable fabric, these supports provide comfortable, but effective support, ideal for everyday use.

    Elasticated Support Bundle

  • Padded
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    The Padded Leg Rest offers support for tired or aching legs and feet

    Padded Leg Rest