Nursing Home

  • Bradshaw Standard and Low
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    A clinically advanced bed range featuring safety, comfort and design benefits; the Bradshaw range has been developed for home care, nursing and residential care environments.

    Bradshaw Standard and Low Community and Nursing Care Beds

  • Casa Elite Care
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    Designed and developed for the nursing and residential care environment; the Casa Elite Care Home beds provide safety features for both residents and carers combined with an attractive appearance.

    Casa Elite Care Home Beds (Low & Standard)

  • Belvedere Home
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    The Belvedere transforms from a contemporary home care bed, to a clinically advanced nursing care bed to accommodate clients' health needs quickly and easily.

    Belvedere Home & Nursing Bed

  • Drive RD Bed
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    The Rapid Development (RD) Bed from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is a fixed height, two section profiling bed with a manually adjustable backrest.

    Drive RD Bed for Rapid Deployment

  • Bariatric
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    The Bariatric Grab Handle aids Users to get in and out of bed easier.

    Bariatric Grab Bar

  • Bariatric
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    A three-layer combination castellated visco-elastic foam mattress. Multi stretch vapour permeable PU coated fabric cover. The mattress provides pressure redistribution for individuals up to 46 stone (294kg) in weight.

    Bariatric Mattresses

  • Floor Safety
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    The CasaFlex safety floor mats have been designed to provide added security in combination with the CasaBeds.

    Floor Safety Mattresses

  • Entry Level
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    The MAT10 is a high specification castellated foam mattress with a multistretch vapour permeable PU coated fabric cover.

    Entry Level Castellated Mattress

  • High Risk Castellated
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    The MAT20 is a high specification castellated foam mattress with a multistretch vapour permeable PU coated fabric cover.

    High Risk Castellated Pressure Mattress

  • Rails for
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    The steel coated bed rails are suitable for all profile beds for added safety.

    Rails for Profiling Beds

  • Extension
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    Extension rails are available to fit onto existing integral side rails in order to raise the height

    Extension Rails

  • Cot Bumpers
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    These cot bumpers are for use on standard height profiling beds with integral side rails.

    Cot Bumpers with Mesh

  • Dritech 100
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    Waterproof, flame-retardant bedding for use with most style beds in domestic and institutional environments.

    Dritech 100 Bedding

  • Community
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    Designed with the value conscious in mind, this bed pad will ensure fast washing and drying thus helping to reduce utility costs. Nevertheless, the Community bed pad has great longevity.

    Community Bed Pad

  • Sonoma
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    The Sonoma Bed Pad is highly absorbent and has a one-way stay dry surface that promotes healthy skin, offering the user brilliant security against incontinence.

    Sonoma Bed Pad

  • Side Wedges
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    The Side Wedges are available with or without a connecting sheet.

    Side Wedges Bedroom Aids

  • Over Bed /
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    These handy and economical overbed tables are ideal for use in the bedroom or lounge to enable user to read/eat etc. while in bed or sat in a chair.

    Over Bed / Chair Table