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The Age UK Incontinence Range has been developed to provide users with complete ease of mind. Suitable for those with active lifestyles, the range will provide protection for users with light to severe incontinence.

  • Breathable waterproof backing for added protection
  • Contains Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Odour control properties in the event of an accident
  • No latex

Product Features

The Inco Range is produced by Age UK, one of the leading manufacturers of incontinence products, and is not currently available in UK supermarkets, therefore providing ‘specialist differentiation’.

  • Breathable waterproof backing for added protection, encourages air flow which helps to keep skin healthy
  • Contains Super Absorbent Polymer which retains 50 times its own weight in liquid
  • Odour control properties in the event of an accident
  • No latex
  • Suitable for those with heavy or severe levels of urinary and double incontinence
  • Air system prevents the build up of moisture and skin irritation for greater comfort
  • Unique double pad system ensures that no liquid escapes onto the user's clothes for discretion in the event of an accident
  • Discreet (quiet) polyethylene back limits awkward noise
  • This disposable product is suitable for extended use
  • Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage
  • Surface acquisition layer to help draw liquid from surface provides maximum absorbency
  • 4 Point Fixation System secures the pad firmly in place

* All products are supplied in packs, they are not available in singles

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