Arthritic Support Bundle

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Manufactured from high quality, lightweight and breathable fabric, these supports provide comfortable, but effective support, ideal for everyday use.

Product Features

Developed to help control joint movements, the supports assist in easing conditions such as osteo-arthritis and reduce the risk of twists, sprains or strains.

This bundle contains:

  • KED00-3: Elasticated Knee Support - S, M, L, XL x3
  • KED004-7: Elasticated Ankle Support - S, M, L, XL x 3
  • KED008-9: Elasticated Elbow Support - S/M x1, M/L x 2
  • KED010-12: Elasticated Hand Support - S, M, L x3
  • KED013-14: Elasticated Wrist support - S/M x1, M/L x2
  • KED019 : Pro-Light Knee Support x2
  • KED020: Pro-Light Ankle Support x3
  • KED021: Pro-Light Elbow Support x3
  • KED022: Pro-Light Wrist Support x3
  • KED023: Pro-Light Shoulder support x2
  • KED024: Pro-Light Back Support x2
  • KED027: Advanced Wrist Support (feat. Metal Splint) x2
  • KED028: Advanced Tennis Elbow Support x2
  • KED029: Advanced Back Support x2
  • KED050: Advanced Knee Support (feat. Stabilizer) x2
  • KED043: Fabric Arm Pouch
  • KED044: Foam Arm Sling x2
  • KED045-46: Neck Collar - S/M, M/L x1

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