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Main image is Design 02, top inset image is curved padded headboard, middle inset image is straight padded headboard and bottom inset image is Design 06. When ordering please state (COLOUR) from the Wood Finish options, and if purchasing a Padded version, please state (SHAPE) either S for the Straight or C for the Curved Head/Footboards and choose the (PAD COLOUR) from the Upholstery Colours

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Grab Rails for the Hebden Wide Bed

The Standard Grab Handle is compatible with the Hebden Wide bed and will assist the user to reposition themselves in bed or to transfer out of bed. Please note - Not compatible<br>with split side rails or beds fitted with<br>wooden mattress platform fascia boards.<br><br>SKU - HEB/WIDE/GRAB

External Grab Handle

An external grab handle for the Hebden Wide bed. Please note - Not compatible with split side rails or beds fitted with wooden mattress platform fascia boards.<br><br>SKU - HEB/WIDE/GRAB/EX