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Royale 4 Sport Scooter (Bronze)

The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Royale 4 Sport Scooter features a stylish canopy, powerful 1500W motor and a maximum range up to an impressive 37 miles (100Ah batts) or 28 miles (70Ah batts), providing the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and performance. The scooter contains all-round suspension, ensuring a smooth ride and optimal handling for the user. The tiller, armrests and headrest are all adjustable, ensuring comfort, while a lap belt, high level indicators and automatic speed reduction while turning enhance safety.

Sport Rider

The Sport Rider scooter is a modern design 8mph scooter that includes technology borrowed from the motorcycle industry. The all-round suspension provides excellent ride quality and handling, making a cruise on the Sport Rider both exhilarating and comfortable. The Sport Rider has a top speed of 8mph and a maximum range of 28 miles* (70Ah batteries) or 31 miles* (100Ah batteries). The seat is comfortable and comes with a sliding and reclining facility, while the head rest and arms are adjustable to best suit the requirements of the user. All-round lighting, including large headlight, front/rear indicators and rear brake lights ensure high outdoor visibility.

Easy Rider

The Easy Rider scooter has a maximum range of an impressive 31 miles* on a full battery charge. It features a comfortable rotating sport style seat, with sliding and reclining facility. Height adjustable headrest, along with width and angle adjustable armrests to ensure comfort for the user. The angle is also adjustable on the handle bars, which contain throttle levers featuring an automatic safe-braking system. The Easy Rider has all-round lighting, including a large headlight, front/rear indicators and rear brake lights, improving outdoor visibility.