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Stop The Pressure 2021

October 2021 / Industry News

The next Stop Pressure Ulcer Day will be officially held by the EPUAP on November 18th 2021, although local STP events tend to happen across the month of November.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare help to support the work of EPUAP by communicating the important messages around pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Understanding how our role as a healthcare manufacturer can help limit the number of pressure ulcers and the burden these can be, not only on the NHS, but for the patients and their families is extremely important to us.

We have produced a series of educational leaflets and promotional material for the 2021 Stop The Pressure campaign.  This year we have focused on awareness and misconceptions of the main functions of dynamic therapy mattress systems and what they are used for.  We have also focused specifically on the use of Constant Low Pressure (CLP) therapy and its benefits to patients.

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