Going The Extra Mile
...Quite Literally!

March 2018 / Other

We’re always proud of our people and we know they support the Drive DeVilbiss premise that our main reason for existence is to improve the quality of life of the people we touch.


However, just sometimes we find out about quite extraordinary efforts made by our people to help others.

We’ve just had an email from a lady called Rebecca, and we’d like to share her comments.

“My name is Rebecca and my daughter Nala was due to have one of the pea pod chairs (designed and manufactured by Drive DeVilbiss group company Specialist Orthotic Services, who produce custom moulded seating and mobility products for children and adults with complex postures and special seating needs) delivered today.

The weather here in Norwich is on amber alert with such heavy snow, I was sure it would be delayed. About an hour ago, I see a young man carrying the chair up my drive! I just assumed he had parked around the corner, but when I asked him about this he said he had carried it all the way from his hotel as his van was snowed in! 

I was in shock - it's six miles from his hotel to my home, it was snowing heavily and -4o outside. When I asked why he did this, he said because he knew my daughter needed the chair. 

I cannot believe this man did this, my daughter is very disabled and it's a struggle every day to find her a comfy sitting position. But right now she is sound asleep in the chair he carried for six miles, what an amazing human being. I thanked him over and over and he said it was no big deal. I disagree - it means everything to Nala. Thank you for having such amazing people working for your company.”

We agree too that this was an amazing feat and certainly above and beyond the call of duty. So thanks to Mike Allen, he really did make the difference to this family.