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Dual Wheel Auto Folding Scooter
Product Relaunch

January 2019 / Product Relaunch

As a result of customer feedback we are delighted to relaunch our Auto Fold Scooter.


This popular scooter now features a Front Dual Wheel for customers additional safety, security and peace of mind.


For more information please click on link below:



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UK Exit from the EU
Brexit Statement

January 2019 / Brexit

Please click 'MORE INFO' to view a statement from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's Government & LTC Director, Graham Turner.


The exit plans for the UK leaving the EU remain with a high level of uncertainty and there is no clear and precise guidance provided by government to industry other than suggestions on increasing stock, as they expect disruption at borders. In line with this, DOH have requested that suppliers of drugs and medical equipment to the NHS hold additional stock to support potential issues during the transition period.


The unclear nature of the Brexit negotiations and the political turmoil within UK government leaves no clear plan for the UK’s orderly exit from the EU, this is a substantive challenge for UK businesses and organisations who utilise products, parts and services which are sourced from outside of the UK.

We continue to wait for clarity and guidance on how the current exit plans will be formalised, this will see either a clear plan for the import/export of goods either by agreement or on WTO terms or an extension of the transition period to allow for a formal plan to be put in place.


As a business we both import goods from the EU and the rest of the world as well as manufacture products in the UK and export to the EU and globally. As a contingency, as we head towards the March 2019 deadline, we have plans in place to increase key stock levels of both finished goods and spare parts in order for us to continue to supply our products and services uninterrupted for an extended period beyond what we would normally stock.


The planning process for Brexit is a continually reviewed plan within Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd. based upon the information and guidance from the UK government; our intention is to minimise any disruption in supply to our customers as far as possible.


We would stress to suppliers and customers that the likelihood of disruption at UK borders is very high in all scenarios other than an extension of the transition period, this will result in delays in both the importing and exporting of goods. For products which are required in the UK we urge our customers to prepare for potential delays and either forward order/put in place call-off orders to allow us to hold the correct stock levels to support continued uninterrupted service.


For our customers in Europe and the rest of the world, the same advice stands, and current guidance suggests that planning should be made to cover a period of 6 weeks of disruption in supply, with delivery times being extended by potentially between one and three weeks in the initial stages.