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Christmas Delivery Times 2018
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December 2018 / Other

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare will be closing for Christmas on Monday 24th December and re-opening on Wednesday 2nd January.


For guaranteed delivery before Christmas, please place your order no later than 5pm on Tuesday 18th December. Our warehousing facilities will continue to dispatch orders up to and including Friday 21st, and although we cannot guarantee delivery prior to Christmas after Tuesday, we will make every effort to dispatch orders as quickly as possible for pre-Christmas delivery. 


Welland Products

Welland product orders had to be placed before 4pm on Friday 7th December for a guaranteed delivery before Christmas. 


Thank you for your business throughout 2018 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

New instore catalogue news

New Catalogues & Stand Available

November 2018 / Other

For easy access to the catalogue, click MORE INFO. The design and content of this catalogue was specifically put together to help drive customers into our retail customers stores, highlighting the benefits of buying locally from a bricks and mortar business.


To easily view the new catalogue online, please click on this link.


I’m pleased to say we’ve already received some great feedback….


“Drive really are helping to drive customers into the store”

Spencer Coe, Scoota Mart


“This is so much better than any of the other catalogues out there”

Peter Hankinson Alpha Mobility


“I think it’s fantastic, very informative, they have been very well thought out, a great tool to use in store”

Tracy Suther, Active Mobility


“The market has been crying out for something like this”

Judy Mctigue, Wirral Mobility


“You’ve made my day/week/month/year! We have been trying to get abrochure with a great selection of products and no prices on for 2 years!”

Graeme Dymond, The Care Team


If you would like some copies of our catalogue and a retail stand sending out to your store, please contact your telephone advisor.

Grant sign news

Grant Abraham's was recently interviewed by A&MP

October 2018 / Other

In the interview Grant was able to explain the importance of mobility retailers and how Drive Devilbiss are focussed on readjusting its dealer strategy to support those customers in the future.


This interview looks at how Grant is answering sceptics within the market by boosting traditional dealers, and how Drive Devilbiss are offering support via the InStore Range, end user catalogues and its next day delivery service.

Read the interview here

New 20dd 5pm delivery latest news

New Next Day Delivery Service
For Retail Customers

January 2018 / Other

Responding quickly and accurately to customer requirements is vital in the retail field, and in particular the mobility market where there is an immediate requirement for products to improve quality of life.


With this in mind, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare continues to demonstrate commitment to retail customers with the introduction of a new, Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Service for all products ordered before 5pm, Monday to Friday. The offer covers all core retail lines in stock at the point of ordering and there is no additional cost for this improved service, we've held it at £15.00.

Setting the standards for the industry, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has been looking closely at all aspects of the business to identify areas for upgrade and improvement. Close links with distribution partners and investment in stockholding means the company can now provide this enhanced delivery option, designed to enable retail outlets to provide a faster service to their customers.   

“We are constantly looking to improve service levels across the board, and this fast delivery option represents an important step forward in providing our retail customers with the speed of response they need to react instantly to developing customer requirements,” stated Grant Abrahams, Retail Director for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

The next day delivery option will be introduced on 1 February 2018.


Terms and conditions apply, please contact Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare for more information. 

Service Disruption 17-20th May
SL4 & SL5 Postcodes

May 2018 / Other

Please note, there will be disturbances to our delivery service in the Slough and Middlesex areas from Thursday 17th through to Sunday 20th of May. A series of road closures are in place during this period due to the Royal Wedding, therefore delivery delays are to be expected.


If you have delivery related queries, please call 0845 0600 333.

Going The Extra Mile
...Quite Literally!

March 2018 / Other

We’re always proud of our people and we know they support the Drive DeVilbiss premise that our main reason for existence is to improve the quality of life of the people we touch.


However, just sometimes we find out about quite extraordinary efforts made by our people to help others.

We’ve just had an email from a lady called Rebecca, and we’d like to share her comments.

“My name is Rebecca and my daughter Nala was due to have one of the pea pod chairs (designed and manufactured by Drive DeVilbiss group company Specialist Orthotic Services, who produce custom moulded seating and mobility products for children and adults with complex postures and special seating needs) delivered today.

The weather here in Norwich is on amber alert with such heavy snow, I was sure it would be delayed. About an hour ago, I see a young man carrying the chair up my drive! I just assumed he had parked around the corner, but when I asked him about this he said he had carried it all the way from his hotel as his van was snowed in! 

I was in shock - it's six miles from his hotel to my home, it was snowing heavily and -4o outside. When I asked why he did this, he said because he knew my daughter needed the chair. 

I cannot believe this man did this, my daughter is very disabled and it's a struggle every day to find her a comfy sitting position. But right now she is sound asleep in the chair he carried for six miles, what an amazing human being. I thanked him over and over and he said it was no big deal. I disagree - it means everything to Nala. Thank you for having such amazing people working for your company.”

We agree too that this was an amazing feat and certainly above and beyond the call of duty. So thanks to Mike Allen, he really did make the difference to this family.

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
The Secret Epidemic

September 2017 / Other

Having difficulty keeping awake during the day? You could have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.


Having difficulty keeping awake during the day? You could have Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Over 90,000 people in the UK suffer from this debilitating condition – and many believe that figure is just the tip of the iceberg. In East Yorkshire alone, respiratory specialists Drive DeVilbiss provide sleep equipment used to treat 3,500 individuals diagnosed with OSA.


So what is it? OSA happens while you’re asleep. It can affect anyone at any age, and occurs when your throat muscles relax during sleep. If your throat closes completely, you stop breathing for a while – an event called an apnoea if it lasts for more than 10 seconds. Although your brain will start you breathing again – sometimes with a gasp or a grunt – then you relax into sleep again and the pattern repeats itself.


For people with severe OSA, this can happen literally hundreds of times each night, causing acute sleep disruption and leaving sufferers feeling exhausted and sleepy during the day. OSA occurs whenever they sleep, which may not be just at night – shift workers are a high risk category, and OSA sufferers are prone to dozing off at any time, making everyday tasks difficult and dangerous – particularly driving.


There are effective treatments for OSA. For those with moderate to severe cases, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the best solution. CPAP machines pump ambient air through a mask worn just at night, sending air pressure into the upper airway to stop it collapsing or narrowing while the individual sleeps. 


Over the years Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has built up a high level of expertise and knowledge to produces a range of devices to meet the needs of the OSA sufferer, incorporating many of the recommendations solicited through research to optimise patient comfort and adherence to therapy.


The company has been working in close cooperation with Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust since 2008, providing CPAP machines and technical advice to support the work of their Sleep Clinic.


“Individuals come to the clinic via GP referral, and the process is straightforward and painless,” explains Sheran Crabbe, Lung Function Manager at the Castle Hill Hospital Sleep Centre. “We take a brief history and basic measurements – weight, height etc. We then send our patients home overnight with a simple sleep recorder, which assesses their sleep patterns. They return to the clinic the following day, and we discuss the results. If OSA is diagnosed, then they join our waiting list to be fitted with a mask and supplied with a CPAP machine for use at home. Whilst the process doesn’t suit everyone, we do enjoy an 80% success rate in terms of improvements in sleep patterns.”


DeVilbiss Healthcare has also played an active role for some years in supporting the HSASG (Humber Sleep Apnoea Support Group), attending meetings, listening and improving equipment supplied.


CPAP therapy is 99% effective and by far the most effective treatment for anybody with the condition. Those suffering a lesser degree of OSA may be able to correct the problem with a simple spray available from pharmacies. If you think you or your partner may have OSA, you should organise a consultation with your GP.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare manufactures and supplies a wide range of respiratory products aimed at improving the lives of those suffering with respiratory problems such as COPD, Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

T 26cs

Drive DeVilbiss Terms and Conditions
1st August 2016

August 2016 / Other

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare produce new Terms and Conditions...


As of August 2016 Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have produced new Terms and Conditions.

The new T's and C's are a result of the integration of Park House Healthcare, Drive Medical and DeVilbiss Healthcare. Three sets of T's and C's have been developed to cover all entitys of the new business - Sale, Hire and Maintenance.

Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website using the link below, please select Terms and Conditions from the dropdown menu to view -