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Introducing the New
Remote AUTOFOLD Powerchair!

November 2021 / New Launch

Following the huge success of the Manual Folding Powerchair, Drive DeVilbiss are delighted to launch their first AUTOFOLD Powerchair.


This excellent new addition to the range features a remote control function that enables the chair to be easily folded or unfolded in seconds at the simple touch of a button. This product development was a direct result of customer feedback, with many end users preferring the electric AUTOFOLD function over the manual fold operation.

The UK powerchair market continues to evolve and in recent years there has been a huge growth in demand for powerchairs that fold to a much smaller size. Historically standard models are often bulky in design, whereas more compact nature of these folding powerchair means they’re much easier to handle, transport and store.


Adam Naylor, Head of Regional Dealers:

“When we launched the Manual Fold Powerchair in 2018, we were unsure of how popular it would be, so we were delighted when the sales started to grow and it wasn’t long before it became our best selling powerchair. Despite its success we learned from customer feedback that there was a market and clear sales opportunity if we could develop an Auto Folding model. We’re now thrilled to be able to offer the Remote AUTOFOLD Powerchair and we can’t wait to get out there to demonstrate this great new product to our customers.”


New to Drive DeVilbiss, the AUTOFOLD Powerchair includes several new features to provide a comfortable and easy ride to help enhance the user experience. It has a stylish modern design that certainly catches the eye and remote folds to an excellent compact size, ideal for transportation in a car, train, coach or airplane storage.


Dallas Newsham – International Category Manager:

“Following the success of the Manual Fold Powerchair we were determined to find a new model that included several new features to really elevate this to the next level. In addition to its excellent Remote AUTOFOLD operation this new model includes a flip up footrest with non-slip PU coating and additional storage with a back seat pocket. It also features a much larger weight capacity than its predecessor, being able to take an impressive 23.6st (150kg). The AUTOFOLD Powerchair has a fresh new design and stylish black and silver wheel hubs that certainly catch the eye.”

“I think this new addition to our powerchair range demonstrates how committed we are to further enhancing and evolving our products to meet the ever growing demands of user needs and technology advancements,”


The AUTOFOLD Powerchair also includes Shock Absorbing front suspension to help provide extra comfort for a smoother ride. Other features include handy under seat storage, flip up armrests, user friendly intelligent controller and a deep comfort cushion and backrest.


For further information on the AUTOFOLD Powerchair, please click here.

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May 2021 / New Launch

It's NEW, feature rich, a first in its class and it's almost here...


Please click here to see our latest video, showing you exactly what the HOT NEWS is all about!!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your Drive DeVilbiss Sales Lead.

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Coming Soon!
The AutoFold Elite!

March 2021 / New Launch

We took our BEST SELLING SCOOTER of 2018, 2019, 2020, made some excellent upgrades and now offer a premium model, The AutoFold Elite!!


New to the Drive range, the AutoFold Elite includes several new features to enhance the riders experience. A first in its class of remote auto-folding pavement scooters to feature Shock Absorbing front and rear suspension, designed to provide extra comfort for an exceptional ride.


The AutoFold Elite Scooter features a striking new design with a fresh metallic silver finish and stylish silver wheel hubs. It also includes a new Delta bar and removable armrests for additional comfort, it comes with a fob for remote controlled folding operation, LED headlight and a light up digital LCD screen.


For information on the AutoFold Elite, please click this link.

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Introducing Casa Elite & Bradshaw
Care Bed Ranges

March 2021 / New Launch

Exciting new developments for the community and long-term care environments are ongoing at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare!


Investments have been made in the range of home care and residential care products ahead of emerging market requirements. With a focus on simplified solutions for equipment provision, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have just launched their Bradshaw and Casa Elite ranges; two brand new electric profiling bed families that offer flexibility and choice, with cross compatible accessories and innovative modular designs.


The Casa Elite range provides flexible solutions for community, nursing and residential care settings.  Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have developed an innovative design solution which enables the aesthetic of the Casa Elite bed to be upgraded with a modular head and footboard design that encloses the bed actuators in a matter of minutes, transforming the overall appearance. This unique design allows for the head and footboards to be replaced and repaired quickly and easily should this be necessary, reducing product downtime during recycling, service and maintenance.


The Bradshaw range has been developed for home care, nursing and residential care settings and offers clinically advanced features whilst providing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Featuring an Auto Regressing backrest, the Bradshaw beds are designed to maximise resident comfort. The backrest section of the profiling bed raises and regresses away from the pivot point based around the sacrum; increasing the space in the sacral area to promote comfort, minimise shear and friction forces and support the reduction in torso compression(1).


Available in five different wood finishes, the Bradshaw bed fits seamlessly into any room décor and style. In addition, optional high-quality leatherette padded inserts for the head and footboards can be added. These are available in six attractive colours to compliment and coordinate with any interior and the unique design allows these padded sections to be added to the bed at any time or easily changed to suit different decoration requirements.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have designed and manufactured the Bradshaw range of beds from their production facilities in Halifax, West Yorkshire, supporting the local economy where possible by sourcing materials and components from local suppliers.


Designed with resident safety and comfort in mind, these latest bed ranges offer a large selection of wooden and metal side rails; including the patented metal dipped side rails, developed to minimise excess pressure on the backs of the legs when transferring into or out of the bed. Compatibility of these rails across other Drive DeVilbiss bed ranges offers cost and stock holding benefits; whilst reducing training requirements due to familiarity with shared items, simplifying bed fleet management and maintenance. 


The Bradshaw and Casa Elite bed ranges have both undergone testing to meet the requirements for medical electrical equipment and are compliant with EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-11* and EN 60601-2-52.


“We have developed the Bradshaw and Casa Elite bed ranges with the aim of simplifying our bed solutions for our customers, without compromising on functionality, aesthetic or patient safety. By keeping our design and manufacturing in-house, we have ensured that quality and compliance are prioritised at each stage of development.”
Graham Turner Vice President International Product Management and Marketing at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd


The Bradshaw bed range is available NOW, and Casa Elite range is COMING SOON!


For further information please visit the product pages below:

Bradshaw Bed
Bradshaw Low Bed
Casa Elite Home Care Bed
Casa Elite Low Home Care Bed
Casa Elite Care Home Bed
Casa Elite Low Care Home Bed

Full product demonstration videos are available on the beds;

Bradshaw Bed

Casa Elite Bed Range


(1)Role of Bed Design and Head-of-Bed Articulation on Patient Migration Kermit G. Davis, PhD and Susan E. Kotowski, PhD CJ Nurs Care Qual. 2015 Jul; 30(3): E1–E9.

*Type B applied parts compliant

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Introducing Theia and Eros!
Dynamic Mattress and Cushion Systems

February 2021 / New Launch

The Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family have been developed with flexibility and choice in mind;


The Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family have been developed with flexibility and choice in mind; providing multiple system combinations to meet clinical needs. Moving away from a traditional dedicated pump and dynamic mattress system; Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have developed mattress and cushion options that are compatible with both the Theia Digital and Eros Dial pumps.


With greater emphasis across industry guidance being placed on training and service standardisation; Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have designed a completely interchangeable system that reduces clinical training on multiple dedicated pumps and dynamic systems, whilst also reducing risks associated with medical devices in use due to standardised training and competency programs. It is widely acknowledged that standardisation of equipment and the implementation of a standard competency-based training program helps to minimise errors and increase patient safety[1].


Providing 2:1 alternating therapy, the initial product release includes a Mattress Overlay, an Air on Foam Mattress and an Air on Foam cushion that are all compatible with the Theia Digital and the Eros Dial pumps. Drive DeVilbiss are planning future surfaces to add to this exciting range including a Full Air Mattress, a Hybrid Mattress and a Hybrid Cushion.


Theia and Eros are also fully compliant with the requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment standards EN60601-1-11. The requirements of EN60601-1-11 address the uncontrolled electrical installations of the home environment, the lack of formal training of the lay operator, and their level of education. In short, the home healthcare environment requires that extra safety, communication and operational precautions are put in place, to prevent harm from occurring to patients, bystanders and property.

Please click the links for further information on the Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family.

A full demonstration video is available for the range, you can view here

[1] Supporting Note: Standardisation 2011 (published 6th May 2011)