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Drive DeVilbiss Launches
A New Take on the Boot Scooter

September 2017 / New Launch

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has successfully advanced the concept of the traditional ‘mini’ or ‘portable’ scooter with the introduction of the Explorer.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has successfully advanced the concept of the traditional ‘mini’ or ‘portable’ scooter with the introduction of the Explorer.

This latest addition to the popular Scout range of scooters offers all the advantages of portability and ease of use, enhanced further by comfortable all-round suspension and a cushioned seat for excellent ride quality. The new scooter also includes a powerful battery pack capable of delivering an extended range of up to 13 miles on a full charge.


Dubbed ‘the portable scooter with a spring in its step’, the Explorer has been designed to deliver the optimum combination of performance, comfort and style. The supreme comfort seat features width-adjustable flip up armrests and swivels a full 360° to facilitate easy on and off transfers. The removable battery pack has a carry handle and locking mechanism, with two 22Ah MK airline-friendly batteries delivering a smooth top speed of 4mph.


Safety has been a prime consideration during the design process, with the Explorer featuring an automatic electromagnetic brake system, rear anti tip wheels as standard and an anti-rollback device that prevents the scooter from rolling backwards on hills.  It’s a stylish design too, with silver wheel hubs and black puncture-proof non-marking tyres, and is fitted with a removable front storage basket.


The Explorer is easy to manouevre with delta bars as standard, easy tiller adjustment and a freewheeling function allowing the scooter to move without switching the motor on. Once under power, the Explorer is capable of handling gradients up to 8 degrees. It splits easily into four sections for storage and transportation, with a removable seat and fold down tiller, whilst the heaviest component weighs just 19.5kg (43lb).

Baltimore 2

Drive Medical Launches
New Baltimore Rise & Recliner

March 2016 / New Launch

The Baltimore is a spacious dual motor chair providing countless recline options for maximum comfort


The New Baltimore Rise & Recline Armchair from Drive is the latest edition to the range and features a Dual Motor mechanism allowing the user to operate and move the leg rest and the backrest independently. This provides countless recline options for maximum comfort, helping the user to find the perfect position. The waterfall back and ergonomically contoured seat offer total relaxation whilst supporting the user where required. The five button hand controller is easy to use and controls both motors which provide a quiet and smooth action. The Baltimore is available in a traditional Cromwell fabric in Olive, Terracotta and Floral


Additional Features:


· Dual lift & recline 3-way mechanism
· It will rise and tilt you to your feet
· The footrest can be elevated and the backrest can be reclined independently
· Easy to use electronic remote control
· Ergonomically contoured seat & back
· Provides countless amounts of recline positions
· Five button hand controller, including the Smart Button for easy return to normal position
· Waterfall seat design
· Excellent quiet and smooth actions
· Built in convenient storage pocket
· Safety key function
· In-built battery backup facility*
· Includes fabric armrests
· New 2 year warranty**

* Batteries included.

** Warranty conditions apply


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Drive Medical Launches
New Uccello Kettle

March 2016 / New Launch

Making a cuppa just got a whole lot easier!


The effortless ‘power-steering’ pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed using the unique PowerPour technology. The Kettle’s non-weightbearing ‘tilt and pour’ action from the ergonomically designed handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the Kettle from its cradle. The weighted base of the Kettle arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and steadily, every time.

The expert design and craftsmanship means that there is a lot more to love with the beautifully engineered Uccello PowerPour Kettle. Engineered with proven technology and manufactured with expert craftmanship.

• Ergonomic handle for stable grip and pour action
• Easy to read water level indicator to boil exactly the amount you need
• Power on light indicates when Kettle is switched on

• Hinged lid with large opening for easy fill, clean and pour
• Removable vessel for optional hand-held pour and water refill
• Removable anti-scale filter for easy clean

• Weighted, stable, PowerPour action
• British Safety Technology non-slip, stable base
• Auto shut-off with

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Drive Medical Launches
New Cirrus Powerchair

June 2015 / New Launch

Foldable lightweight frame for easy portability


The Cirrus Power Chair is foldable and lightweight making it ideal for transporting. It comes in an attractive, lightweight, carbon steel frame with a silver vein finish which is easy to maintain. 

The Cirrus Powerchair comes standard with a seat belt, seat cushion with pouch for easy storage, swing away footrests with calf straps, and an adjustable tension back upholstery, adding to users convenience, safety and comfort. The integrated, programmable PG controller and adjustable length joystick mount accommodates most users.

Anti slip range

Drive Medical Launches
New Anti-Slip Range

April 2015 / New Launch

Drive now offers an excellent range of Anti-Slip and Grip products.


This new portfolio of products have been developed to help individuals maintain and promote independent living.

Unlike other Anti-Slip and grip products on the market, this range is made entirely from silicone rubber, a material that is non-toxic and chemically inert. It does not contain phthalate plasticisers, which are necessary ingredients of other materials with similar Anti-Slip properties and which are banned or restricted in Europe and parts of the USA. It is also fully washable and autoclave safe up to 250ºC.

The full range of Silicone products are antimicrobial providing continuous built-in protection against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, E.coli and Klebsiella. They also protect against mould and fungi.

We offer a range of extremely effective Anti-Slip products that provide grip on dry, smooth and slippery surfaces, including tables, work tops, trays, handles and smooth floor surfaces. Our specially designed materials, mats and grip products prevent movement and provide enhanced grip and purchase on handles and lids. 

This range of Anti-Slip products can be used as a solution in the home to maintain independent living and can also be used in clinical and care home environments. In addition, it is useful in vehicles, mobile homes and boats to provide stability to objects.

All these Anti-Slip products are fully washable and may be cleaned with plenty of warm, soapy water. This range of products (except for Anti-Slip strips and circles) should not be used when wet and will not provide grip until dry. It is preferable to air dry the material to avoid leaving lint and dust which can transfer from cloths.

This range of Anti-Slip products are tough, flexible and durable and will last for many years. It will retain its Anti-Slip properties throughout its life span, provided that it is cleaned periodically.


Drive Medical Launches
New Ambiturn Transfer Aid

July 2014 / New Launch

The Transfer Aid assists with pivoting transfers


Drive Medical Launches the New Ambiturn Transfer Aid

The New Ambiturn Transfer Aid assists with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces with facility to transport users shorter distances.

It's features and benefits are -

• Requires user to pull on handle to stand up and to be weight bearing.

• Narrow, recessed front fits between wheelchair wheels and around toilet for perfect positioning.

• Low profile base facilitates user feet placement.

• Substantial base area provides stability, with rear bar also allowing carer to counterbalance.

• Handle has multiple gripping points for varying carer/user support requirements and is angled to enable “nose-over-toe” standing movement.

• Opening on central handle bar allows quick fitting of optional support belts.

• 4 front and rear castors combined with 2 x 13cm (5”) central wheels ensure effortless manoeuvring even with heavier users.

• Foot-operated brakes on centre wheels provide stability during standing/sitting movement.

• Padded lower leg supports can be adjusted (toolfree) in width, angle and height to suit user comfort.

• Easily dismantled/reassembled without tools for transportation and storage.

• Easy wipe-clean surfaces.

Washington riser

Drive Medical Launches
New Washington Riser Recliner

January 2014 / New Launch

“Comfortable pillow back design.”


Drive Medical Launches the New Washington Riser Recliner

“Comfortable pillow back design.”

The Washington Riser Recliner is the first in the Restwell range of fabric upholstered chairs to be available in Single or Dual Motor. If features a brand new Jessica Velour fabric available in three colour options. This warm fabric is hardwearing in addition to providing a luxurious soft feel.

The Washington Chair’s pillow back design provides the user with excellent additional comfort and support, and it is available in both Single Motor and Dual Motor options.


Drive Medical Launches
New Dakota Riser Recliner

November 2013 / New Launch

“This intalift technology ensures all mechanisms are safely hidden from view.”


Drive Medical Launches the New Dakota Riser Recliner

“This intalift technology ensures all mechanisms are safely hidden from view.”

The Dakota Intalift Chair has three independent motors; this means you can operate and move the leg rest independently of the back rest, thus helping you find your most comfortable sitting position.

The Dakota’s unique anti-entrapment mechanism provides safety and reassurance to users. This chair has been beautifully designed and is available in three Sofia fabric colour selections.