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RISE @ THIIS - Stand 9
Come and See us!!

May 2022 / Exhibitions

We’re delighted at the timing of this year’s show; it’s fallen perfectly for the launch of our AirFold Carbon Fibre Powerchair.


This new powered mobility product truly has brought something new and exciting to our range, we’re really looking forward to demonstrating it on the day!!

For more information on the AirFold, please click here, alternatively come along to the show to see it in action. You need to lift this powerchair to truly believe how light it is, on Tuesday you have the chance.

Please visit us on Stand 9, it will be great to catch up and to discuss plans for 2022 just as the summer season begins….

RISE @ THIIS / Tuesday 10th May 2022 / Hilton DoubleTree, Milton Keynes

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Investing in Community Daily Living Aids
Made in Britain

April 2022 / Other

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are fully committed to UK manufacturing and the benefits this brings to their business, their customers and the UK economy.


Formed in 1988, Welland Medical manufactured aids for daily living from their production facility in Leicestershire. In 2011 they joined the Drive group through a strategic acquisition, expanding the UK manufacturing capabilities. Today they employ over 90 people, and the business delivers over 350,000 individual products to customers across the UK on a yearly basis. The Leicestershire production facility provides true UK manufacturing; taking raw steel tube and other components and converting this into a wide range of finished products designed to support diverse customer care needs.


Improving competitiveness and lead times, especially in unpredictable markets, is important to delivering high levels of service to customers. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have moved investment to the heart of the business in order to meet our customers’ expectations. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are fully committed to UK manufacturing and the benefits this brings to their business, their customers and the UK economy; they will continue to deliver higher levels of service into the future. Over the past year their Leicestershire production facility has benefited from significant improvements and investment:

  • Recruitment of a new highly experienced Manufacturing Director
  • Restructure of production with implementation of teams and team leaders
  • Implementation of additional production shifts
  • Re-lay out of production facility based on lean manufacturing principles
  • October 2021 saw the installation of a new bending machine with a second machine due for installation April 2022
  • Investment in extending the curing ovens to improve output of our unique paint process
  • Improved warehousing and increased on site component stock for production
  • Supplier agreements to hold working stock of steel and components for faster delivery


Drive DeVilbiss focus on ensuring their products are robust and high quality; requirements which are essential to maintain those products in good condition to enable recycling and to gain the highest return on investment for the products purchased. The normal powder coating paint finish used on many products looks pristine when the products are new, but the finish can chip, scratch and scuff easily leading to unsightly marks and premature rusting. Duradip™ is a higher cost, better quality, and more resilient coating which is standard on the frames manufactured at the Drive DeVilbiss Leicestershire manufacturing site.

Duradip delivers:

  • Chip resistance due to the plasticised components within the paint which produce a thicker, more resilient coating once baked to the metal surface.
  • Peel resistant coating with improved adhesion to metal surface of products ensuring protection in wet and damp environments
  • Scratch and scuff resistant, products look better for longer
  • Provides a warmer to the touch feel on painted surfaces
  • Our Duradip peel resistant, plasticised painting process provides durable, hardwearing frames, increasing longevity of use.


Grant Abrahams, Commercial Director for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare;

“Our aids for daily living are designed and manufactured by our experts in Leicestershire and where possible we source materials and components from local suppliers. We are proud to manufacture in the UK, supporting the local economy; but also, being able to provide short lead times from order through to supply. Our supply chain teams are focused on buying local, high-quality steel; enhanced quality steel further supports increased recycling and provides improved return on investment.

In addition to the product benefits which our customers receive, buying British materials feeds directly into the UK economy supporting funding for areas such as the NHS and Social Care.”

With a focus on raw materials and parts being sourced in the UK from UK producers, the Drive DeVilbiss manufacturing process at Leicestershire reduces transport miles significantly compared to goods which are brought into the UK from countries such as China. Reduced transport miles mean reduced fuel use and reduced carbon release helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

For May 2022, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare announced they will introduce a 5 year warranty on the frame of all products manufactured at our Leicester facility.

 “Buying British made community daily living aids from Drive ensures customers receive higher quality products, a new extended warranty on the frame, quick and efficient delivery and continuity of supply. Additionally buying British supports UK employment and government income, supports funding for NHS & social care and with fewer transport miles provides a more environmentally friendly solution.” Grant Abrahams, Commercial Director for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


For more information on the range of UK manufactured products from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, please contact or call 0845 0600333. See our leaflet here for more information on the benefits of British made Daily Living Aids.

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Improved Lead Times
for UK Manufactured Ranges

March 2022 / Distribution

We are pleased to announce that we can now reinstate a lead time of 5 - 7 working days for 90% of our products made at our Leicestershire production facility.


Over the last 14 months, we found ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to extend our lead times for our UK manufactured community mobility and aids for  daily living ranges. This was due to global constraints in the supply of steel and unprecedented demand across these product ranges.

We are pleased to announce that we can now reinstate a lead time of 5 - 7 working days for 90% of our products made at our Leicestershire production facility. Lead times across 100% of the product range have significantly fallen from those experienced, and we are confident that all product ranges will be back to a standard lead time in the next two weeks. 

Our supply chain and production teams have made some significant improvements to enable us to return to standard lead times, including;
• Production team restructure, including a new Manufacturing Director and Team Leaders to focus on improving efficiencies and output.
• Additional shifts added to the manufacturing schedule.
• Significantly increased stock holding of components and raw materials.
• Split-site stock holding ensuring easier access to components and speed of supply.

All of these activities combined have reduced our back-order position and we are  now confidently able to re-instate the standard 5–7 day lead time.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding over the last 14 months; the  improvements and investments will further enhance our UK manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to provide a high level of delivery service that our customers have previously been used to.

For further information or assistance, please liaise directly with your Business Development Manager.

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Supplying Desperately Needed Medical Equipment
in Support of the Victims of War

March 2022 / Other

Drive DeVilbiss is joining forces with GNG to supply a consignment of beds and mattresses to support Ukraine.


We have all seen on the news the urgent need for medical equipment in Ukraine and the surrounding countries as field hospitals are set up to treat casualties and to replace damaged hospitals. We have joined forces with key supplier GNG Group, to send a desperately-needed consignment of beds and mattresses via MEDAID-4KIDS to support victims of war in Ukraine.

Drive DeVilbiss will donate 200 new rapid deployment beds which were developed in response to the pandemic outbreak; these beds do not require electricity and so can be more easily set up in demanding environments. We will also donate 100 new mattresses, and GNG has stepped in to make up the shortfall by donating a further 100 foam mattresses which they are manufacturing at their Wakefield production facility. We have worked with GNG for the last 20 years, and they were pleased to be able to help and support this important initiative.

MEDAID-4KIDS will collect the consignment on Monday 21st March from the Drive DeVilbiss depot where three 40ft containers are being loaded with the donation. It will then be transported to a location in Poland, close to the Ukrainian border, where it is due to arrive on Friday 25th March. . Drive DeVilbiss and Brendan Devlin, General Manager for Ireland, have worked closely with the charity MEDAID-4KIDS for 20 years in Ireland, providing older hospital beds that are no longer required and refurbishing them to be sent to countries across the world in need of additional beds.

“Medical equipment is in short supply, and our close relationship with supplier GNG Group has enabled a collaboration of efforts. The beds and mattresses will provide essential equipment to the medical teams on the ground supporting the injured and displaced; we wanted to help and support the people of Ukraine and this is one small way in which we can achieve that goal. We also hope to do more over the coming weeks as we identify other potential equipment which we can send in support of the Ukrainian people, the charities and government organisations who are providing the much needed local support.” Richard McGleenan, Group Managing Director of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Darren Potterton, Managing Director of GNG Group, explains: “In recent weeks we’ve seen a humanitarian crisis developing in Ukraine which has moved the world and we wanted to do what we could to help. We have a great team here in Wakefield, made up of around 13 nationalities, including Ukrainians, which has made the tragedy in Ukraine even more poignant for us. Having worked closely and constructively with Drive DeVilbiss for many years, we’re proud to be able to play our part in this valuable initiative and support the relief effort.”

For more information please contact

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An Interview with Dallas Newsham

March 2022 / Other

The March edition of THIIS Magazine featured an interview with International Category Manager for Powered Mobility, Dallas Newsham!


Faced with increasing demand for powered mobility products, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have been busy launching new products and coming up with innovative updates on existing models over the past year. THIIS meets Dallas Newsham, International Category Manager for Powered Mobility.


Please Click Here to read the interview and to see other industry news!

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Christmas 2021
Opening Hours

November 2021 / Other

Please find our opening hours for the Christmas period below.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business throughout the year. 

Please find the Christmas opening hours for Drive DeVilbiss here.

Should you need to contact our Customer Solutions or Internal Sales Teams during the Christmas period we will have staff available to assist you. Please call your usual Drive DeVilbiss contact numbers.

Don’t forget that our service centres across the UK are open and fully functioning 24/7 over the festive period. If you have a rental or servicing agreement, please use the correct numbers and procedures. If you have any questions please call
01422 233136 or email

We wish you and your families a peaceful and relaxing festive break.

Best wishes from all at
Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

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Introducing the New
Remote AUTOFOLD Powerchair!

November 2021 / New Launch

Following the huge success of the Manual Folding Powerchair, Drive DeVilbiss are delighted to launch their first AUTOFOLD Powerchair.


This excellent new addition to the range features a remote control function that enables the chair to be easily folded or unfolded in seconds at the simple touch of a button. This product development was a direct result of customer feedback, with many end users preferring the electric AUTOFOLD function over the manual fold operation.

The UK powerchair market continues to evolve and in recent years there has been a huge growth in demand for powerchairs that fold to a much smaller size. Historically standard models are often bulky in design, whereas more compact nature of these folding powerchair means they’re much easier to handle, transport and store.


Adam Naylor, Head of Regional Dealers:

“When we launched the Manual Fold Powerchair in 2018, we were unsure of how popular it would be, so we were delighted when the sales started to grow and it wasn’t long before it became our best selling powerchair. Despite its success we learned from customer feedback that there was a market and clear sales opportunity if we could develop an Auto Folding model. We’re now thrilled to be able to offer the Remote AUTOFOLD Powerchair and we can’t wait to get out there to demonstrate this great new product to our customers.”


New to Drive DeVilbiss, the AUTOFOLD Powerchair includes several new features to provide a comfortable and easy ride to help enhance the user experience. It has a stylish modern design that certainly catches the eye and remote folds to an excellent compact size, ideal for transportation in a car, train, coach or airplane storage.


Dallas Newsham – International Category Manager:

“Following the success of the Manual Fold Powerchair we were determined to find a new model that included several new features to really elevate this to the next level. In addition to its excellent Remote AUTOFOLD operation this new model includes a flip up footrest with non-slip PU coating and additional storage with a back seat pocket. It also features a much larger weight capacity than its predecessor, being able to take an impressive 23.6st (150kg). The AUTOFOLD Powerchair has a fresh new design and stylish black and silver wheel hubs that certainly catch the eye.”

“I think this new addition to our powerchair range demonstrates how committed we are to further enhancing and evolving our products to meet the ever growing demands of user needs and technology advancements,”


The AUTOFOLD Powerchair also includes Shock Absorbing front suspension to help provide extra comfort for a smoother ride. Other features include handy under seat storage, flip up armrests, user friendly intelligent controller and a deep comfort cushion and backrest.


For further information on the AUTOFOLD Powerchair, please click here.

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Stop The Pressure 2021

October 2021 / Industry News

The next Stop Pressure Ulcer Day will be officially held by the EPUAP on November 18th 2021, although local STP events tend to happen across the month of November.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare help to support the work of EPUAP by communicating the important messages around pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Understanding how our role as a healthcare manufacturer can help limit the number of pressure ulcers and the burden these can be, not only on the NHS, but for the patients and their families is extremely important to us.

We have produced a series of educational leaflets and promotional material for the 2021 Stop The Pressure campaign.  This year we have focused on awareness and misconceptions of the main functions of dynamic therapy mattress systems and what they are used for.  We have also focused specifically on the use of Constant Low Pressure (CLP) therapy and its benefits to patients.

For more information please contact

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Maximise Acute Bed Capacity this Winter with our Rental Solutions

September 2021 / Industry News

We can provide acute beds and mattresses to help you maximise bed capacity, help you hit your targets and maintain patient care.


The last 18 months have seen some of the most challenging times for bed capacity planning and management. Current bed space is already at a premium due to the ongoing COVID pandemic and the backlog of medical cases which the NHS is faced with, due to treatment delays during the pandemic. As we move into winter and the potential of increased instances of hospitalisation due to infections such as Flu and Noro virus, the demand on bed spaces will be pushed to extremes. Planning now for these eventualities will ensure that hospitals can maintain a high level of service and support for patients and staff through the difficult winter pressure months.


For more information see downloadable leaflet


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are able to help…


We can provide acute beds and mattresses to help you maximise bed capacity, help you hit your targets and maintain patient care.


The Benefits of our Rental Solutions;

  • Stock available immediately!
  • Ringfenced stock to ensure we can meet customer needs. Our products are stocked in the UK across multiple sites to ensure we have product available locally for quick installations
  • 24/7 Support, with fast response times including same day delivery*
  • No additional costs; 24/7 service and repair needs covered in rental payments and equipment picked up at end of rental period is also included 
  • Full training and support requirements provided with each rental as required
  • Decontamination certificate provided with each rental to provide assurance that equipment is clean and ready for use


Fast Flexible Solutions

We can offer flexible solutions to meet your equipment needs and preferred financial requirements;

  • Rental Solutions to quickly increase temporary bed spaces and be reactive to the seasonal capacity challenges. Rent on a per day, block period or defined contract term. Providing easy management of short and long-term requirements, fast response to specialist clinical needs and seasonal pressures without increasing overall bed stock.
  • Rent to buy options stretching the cost of equipment over a fixed period. No large capital expenditure required, with all the benefits of our rental solutions for the duration of the contract and full  ownership at the end.
  • Capital purchase for long term bed stock.


Speak to your local Business Development Manager for more information.

For Rental enquiries please contact and 01422 233 136 (24 hours)

For Sales enquiries please contact and 0845 0600333


* From the point of purchase order received, as long as stocks last.

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May 2021 / New Launch

It's NEW, feature rich, a first in its class and it's almost here...


Please click here to see our latest video, showing you exactly what the HOT NEWS is all about!!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your Drive DeVilbiss Sales Lead.


Customer Communication
Temporary Surcharges

August 2021 / Distribution

In January 2021 we implemented a Temporary Surcharge across many of our product ranges as a direct result of the major disruptions to global shipping and the significant increase in logistics costs.


As you may be aware, the Global sea freight price increases continue to rise. When we calculated the surcharge rate earlier in the year the sea freight portion of containers was at $12,500. That has now significantly increased on a sustained basis and we can no longer absorb the increase into our cost structure. The market intelligence we have indicates that we will not see an improvement in this rate through 2021 and indeed the expectations are that this may rise as we enter peak season driven by Christmas demand and into 2022 due to Chinese New Year.

Our intention is to continue to maintain inventory levels despite the rate hike and as a result we need to raise the surcharge level to cover the increase. We will be issuing a revised surcharge price list by SKU which will take effect from 1st September 2021.

In addition to the freight surcharge for our imported products we have been facing significant material cost price increases against our UK manufactured products and our European sourced ranges. Steel prices have increased on average by 57%, Aluminium by 50%, PVC by 62%, Polypropylene by 130% and TDI (used in the manufacture of foam products) by 42% over the course of the year. The increases are driven by post COVID demand rises across the globe.

As the situation is so volatile, rather than pass on a permanent price increase we have taken the decision to apply a blanket surcharge to all UK and European sourced products and we will monitor the situation over the coming months. Again, the surcharge will be applied at a SKU level and will be incorporated within the full surcharge list mentioned above. If the situation should improve, we will reduce or remove the surcharge in the future.

We appreciate the difficulty that these increases create for our customers particularly where there are contractual restrictions in place but unfortunately in order to maintain supply, we have no choice but to pass these on.

As a business we will honour all current back orders that are due for immediate delivery at the price at which the order was accepted. However where forward orders are placed your sales contact will be in touch in due course to discuss the re-raising of the orders at the new pricing levels.

We value the business you place with us, and we appreciate your support and bearing with us during these challenging times.


Container Shipping Issues
April 2021 Update

April 2021 / Other

We want to explain the reasons for disruption in the supply chain, and to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to improve the situation.


Dear Customer,

This year has seen significant disruption to our supply chain in terms of the delivery of Far Eastern cargo into UK ports; often with delays occurring at short notice. We wanted to take the opportunity to explain the reasons for this disruption in the supply chain, and to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to improve the situation by factoring in increased lead times through higher inventory levels.


1) The Suez Canal Impact
It has been widely reported in the press and news outlets that 422 ships were recently stranded and hundreds of other ships diverted on a longer route to the UK and EU via the Cape of Good Hope, following the blockage of the Suez Canal by the Evergreen ship - Ever Given.

The Suez Canal is one of the worlds busiest trade routes and whilst the Ever Given was only grounded for 6 days, the blockage may impact global shipping for weeks to come with delays anticipated. There are many reasons for this;

• Severe port congestion – The UK/EU ports are already congested, and it is expected that dozens of delayed vessels will arrive later this week all at the same time. Next week it is expected that a further group of vessels (which travelled around Africa) will arrive in Northern Europe altogether.

• The compounded congestion will force those vessels to return late to Asia, thus impacting the rotation of future sailings which might depart in the next 4-7 weeks.

• European port congestion will prevent empty containers from reaching Asia, resulting in empty container scarcity.


2) The Rotterdam Effect
Due to the ongoing congestion at both UK’s deep seaports; many shipping lines are taking ad-hoc decisions to avoid the UK ports and offload the UK containers in Rotterdam.

This is happening without advanced notice or warning to our freight forwarders. Many UK businesses find themselves in the incredulous situation that their containers expected in Felixstowe have been offloaded in Rotterdam and then placed in a queue to be sent by feeder vessel to a UK port.


3) Slower Sailing Times
Usual shipping times are widely published; typically, the sail time from Shanghai to UK is 30 days. The standard sailing times from Far East ports have now been increased by the shipping lines and we are currently seeing increases of 10 to 17 days. These additional sailing days are as a result of; 

• Congestion at Far East ports, when ships are calling at multiple Asian ports.
• Congestion at UK/EU ports.
• Trying to avoid further bottlenecks and more congestion.
• Trying to reduce fuel consumption and costs so they are slow steaming to port.

This situation and all the factors above are frustrating; we recognise the impact that these delays will have on delivery dates for our customers and our own stockholding.

Please know that our Purchasing and Logistics teams in the UK are working diligently with our Global teams to find solutions to help mitigate delays to our customers. We apologise for any disruption you may experience in supply and will keep you updated regarding any further changes.

We appreciate the business you place with us, and we appreciate your support and bearing with us during these challenging times. If you have any questions, please refer to your Business Development Manager and/or Sales Lead. 


Yours Faithfully
Mark Simpson
Purchasing Manager

Samples 11705 watermarkednews

Coming Soon!
The AutoFold Elite!

March 2021 / New Launch

We took our BEST SELLING SCOOTER of 2018, 2019, 2020, made some excellent upgrades and now offer a premium model, The AutoFold Elite!!


New to the Drive range, the AutoFold Elite includes several new features to enhance the riders experience. A first in its class of remote auto-folding pavement scooters to feature Shock Absorbing front and rear suspension, designed to provide extra comfort for an exceptional ride.


The AutoFold Elite Scooter features a striking new design with a fresh metallic silver finish and stylish silver wheel hubs. It also includes a new Delta bar and removable armrests for additional comfort, it comes with a fob for remote controlled folding operation, LED headlight and a light up digital LCD screen.


For information on the AutoFold Elite, please click this link.

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Introducing Casa Elite & Bradshaw
Care Bed Ranges

March 2021 / New Launch

Exciting new developments for the community and long-term care environments are ongoing at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare!


Investments have been made in the range of home care and residential care products ahead of emerging market requirements. With a focus on simplified solutions for equipment provision, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have just launched their Bradshaw and Casa Elite ranges; two brand new electric profiling bed families that offer flexibility and choice, with cross compatible accessories and innovative modular designs.


The Casa Elite range provides flexible solutions for community, nursing and residential care settings.  Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have developed an innovative design solution which enables the aesthetic of the Casa Elite bed to be upgraded with a modular head and footboard design that encloses the bed actuators in a matter of minutes, transforming the overall appearance. This unique design allows for the head and footboards to be replaced and repaired quickly and easily should this be necessary, reducing product downtime during recycling, service and maintenance.


The Bradshaw range has been developed for home care, nursing and residential care settings and offers clinically advanced features whilst providing a comfortable and safe sleeping environment. Featuring an Auto Regressing backrest, the Bradshaw beds are designed to maximise resident comfort. The backrest section of the profiling bed raises and regresses away from the pivot point based around the sacrum; increasing the space in the sacral area to promote comfort, minimise shear and friction forces and support the reduction in torso compression(1).


Available in five different wood finishes, the Bradshaw bed fits seamlessly into any room décor and style. In addition, optional high-quality leatherette padded inserts for the head and footboards can be added. These are available in six attractive colours to compliment and coordinate with any interior and the unique design allows these padded sections to be added to the bed at any time or easily changed to suit different decoration requirements.


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have designed and manufactured the Bradshaw range of beds from their production facilities in Halifax, West Yorkshire, supporting the local economy where possible by sourcing materials and components from local suppliers.


Designed with resident safety and comfort in mind, these latest bed ranges offer a large selection of wooden and metal side rails; including the patented metal dipped side rails, developed to minimise excess pressure on the backs of the legs when transferring into or out of the bed. Compatibility of these rails across other Drive DeVilbiss bed ranges offers cost and stock holding benefits; whilst reducing training requirements due to familiarity with shared items, simplifying bed fleet management and maintenance. 


The Bradshaw and Casa Elite bed ranges have both undergone testing to meet the requirements for medical electrical equipment and are compliant with EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-11* and EN 60601-2-52.


“We have developed the Bradshaw and Casa Elite bed ranges with the aim of simplifying our bed solutions for our customers, without compromising on functionality, aesthetic or patient safety. By keeping our design and manufacturing in-house, we have ensured that quality and compliance are prioritised at each stage of development.”
Graham Turner Vice President International Product Management and Marketing at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd


The Bradshaw bed range is available NOW, and Casa Elite range is COMING SOON!


For further information please visit the product pages below:

Bradshaw Bed
Bradshaw Low Bed
Casa Elite Home Care Bed
Casa Elite Low Home Care Bed
Casa Elite Care Home Bed
Casa Elite Low Care Home Bed

Full product demonstration videos are available on the beds;

Bradshaw Bed

Casa Elite Bed Range


(1)Role of Bed Design and Head-of-Bed Articulation on Patient Migration Kermit G. Davis, PhD and Susan E. Kotowski, PhD CJ Nurs Care Qual. 2015 Jul; 30(3): E1–E9.

*Type B applied parts compliant

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Head Office Relocation
Update Your Records

March 2021 / Other

From 1st April 2021 we are relocating our UK head office and registered company address to our Holmfield, Halifax site.


From 1st April 2021 we are relocating our UK head office and registered company address to our Holmfield, Halifax site.  Our new address is;


Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd.

Sidhil Business Park



West Yorkshire




Please ensure that you update your records and all future purchase orders and postal correspondence is addressed as above.


For a copy of the offical letter please click the link below;


Customer Letter Relocating Head Office - Address Change




  • There will be no change to any other contact details for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, including telephone numbers and email addresses.


  • There will be no change to contact or address details for customers of Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil Ltd.


  • There will be no change to any of our bank details for payments, please continue to use all existing information.


Should you have any questions regarding the head office move, please contact your local sales lead.

Theia 20and 20eros 20ddh 20news 20banner 20 002

Introducing Theia and Eros!
Dynamic Mattress and Cushion Systems

February 2021 / New Launch

The Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family have been developed with flexibility and choice in mind;


The Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family have been developed with flexibility and choice in mind; providing multiple system combinations to meet clinical needs. Moving away from a traditional dedicated pump and dynamic mattress system; Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have developed mattress and cushion options that are compatible with both the Theia Digital and Eros Dial pumps.


With greater emphasis across industry guidance being placed on training and service standardisation; Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have designed a completely interchangeable system that reduces clinical training on multiple dedicated pumps and dynamic systems, whilst also reducing risks associated with medical devices in use due to standardised training and competency programs. It is widely acknowledged that standardisation of equipment and the implementation of a standard competency-based training program helps to minimise errors and increase patient safety[1].


Providing 2:1 alternating therapy, the initial product release includes a Mattress Overlay, an Air on Foam Mattress and an Air on Foam cushion that are all compatible with the Theia Digital and the Eros Dial pumps. Drive DeVilbiss are planning future surfaces to add to this exciting range including a Full Air Mattress, a Hybrid Mattress and a Hybrid Cushion.


Theia and Eros are also fully compliant with the requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems used in the home healthcare environment standards EN60601-1-11. The requirements of EN60601-1-11 address the uncontrolled electrical installations of the home environment, the lack of formal training of the lay operator, and their level of education. In short, the home healthcare environment requires that extra safety, communication and operational precautions are put in place, to prevent harm from occurring to patients, bystanders and property.

Please click the links for further information on the Theia and Eros dynamic pressure area care family.

A full demonstration video is available for the range, you can view here

[1] Supporting Note: Standardisation 2011 (published 6th May 2011)

Ddh 20temporary 20surcharge 20news 20banner ddh 20xmas 20opening 20times 202020 20news 20banner

Customer Communication
Temporary Surcharge

January 2021 / Other

As you may be aware, there has been and continues to be major disruptions in the shipping of goods across the globe; this situation has been ongoing since the early part of 2020.


As the market reacts to these unprecedented, fast-moving changes in cargo demand, the carriers have taken actions which have resulted in significantly reduced capacity within the global cargo supply chain; this has led to the goods shipping infrastructure becoming overwhelmed.


At this point in time, cargo volumes are estimated to be 60% or more above normal volumes and continuing to rise, this is causing severe congestion at outgoing ports across the world. In this extraordinary environment the purchase cost rates for container transport are skyrocketing and carriers have cancelled supply contracts with their customers, including Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, forcing the purchase of container space on the open market. The open market rates are being charged at 4 to 6 times the regular contracted rates we normally paid for goods transport, and there are various additional surcharges and fees on top. Industry experts have recognised that the situation has caused staggering increases in costs for shippers (please see here).


For several months, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has absorbed 100% of the impact of these disruptions. Now, however the disruption has got to a point where this is no longer viable. In order to continue to service our customers and ensure that our products get to the people who need them, we have no choice but to pass some of these additional logistics costs on.


From January 25th 2021, Drive DeVilbiss UK will be implementing a temporary and transparent surcharge across our product ranges. The amount of the surcharge will vary according to the impact of the freight increase incurred on each product. UK Manufactured items will also be impacted due to our parts supply chain; however, the surcharge will be limited to 2% in most cases for these items. Our sales teams will contact you with more specific detail of the cost increases over the coming days.


The temporary surcharge is intended only to pass on some of these unabsorbable costs we are being burdened with; as a result, Drive DeVilbiss intends to adjust the surcharge costs as the situation changes and discontinue the surcharge once this supply issue is resolved. We will update you on the situation in respect to freight costs on a monthly basis and be fully transparent to ensure that any impact on both our businesses is minimised.


We appreciate the business you place with us, and we appreciate your support and bearing with us during these challenging times.


Yours Faithfully,

Richard McGleenan
Group Managing Director, UK.


For a downloadable copy of this news item, please click here.


Customer Communication
Steel Supply Shortage

November 2020 / Other

We regret to inform you that due to a global steel shortage, we are experiencing a temporary supply shortage of 7/8” steel gauge tube.


This is currently impacting the supply of products manufactured at our Leicester facility (Welland). 

Our Purchasing team have successfully secured a supply of the affected tube which will arrive within two weeks. Until then our standard lead time of five days for products manufactured at our Leicester facility, will unfortunately be extended in the short term to approximately eight days for the majority of products.

However, some product lead times will be extended further to an estimated ten to fifteen days. These are;
• 275 Rutland Trolley
• 114 and 115 Flat Ended Grab Rail Range
• 190, 191, 192 and 193 Belgrave Bariatric Commode Range
• 404, 405 and 406 Bariatric Perching Stool Range

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Please be assured, we are working extremely hard to meet our standard lead time of five days and will keep you updated as to when this will be fully resumed.

For further information or assistance, please liaise directly with your Business Development Manager for updates.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding at this time.

Ddh 20winter 20pressures 202020 20news 20banner

Drive DeVilbiss Ready to Ease NHS Winter Pressures

October 2020 / Industry News

Over the winter months the NHS is under significant pressure as demands for acute and community services increase with the onset of cold weather.


One of the biggest challenges during this time is maintaining bed occupancy levels to keep services running. This year the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to reduce further bed capacity especially in high dependency environments.

These challenges are recognised by Drive DeVilbiss, who are prepared with a readily available range of medical equipment, as well as bespoke community equipment packages to facilitate patient discharge back home or into a community care setting. 

Drive DeVilbiss provide specialist equipment to meet the most demanding of requirements, offering rapid response times as quickly as 4-6 hours* delivered by their Nationwide service network.

With a selection of acute and community beds and mattresses, stocked in the UK and available immediately for despatch, as well as a significant stock of rental products ready to deliver, Drive DeVilbiss are positioned to meet customer needs quickly with a seamless service.

Offering bespoke rental equipment packages, from ward and community electrically profiling beds to more specialist equipment, Drive DeVilbiss can help customers hit their targets and maintain patient care!

For Sales enquiries please contact and 0845 0600333

For Rental enquiries please contact and 01422 233136 (24 hours)

Click here for information on our immediately available product range.


*Subject to availability

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Supporting Our NHS
Story Video

June 2020 / Other

Our team have gone over and above with efforts to help support our NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We have put together a video story of some of the ways in which we, as both an organisation, and as individuals have contributed.

We would like to THANK our COLLEAGUES for the part they've played and continue to play, and also THANK our wonderful NHS

Click here to view our Thank You NHS video

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Supplying Meals
to the NHS Frontline

May 2020 / Other

Supporting the NHS during this challenging time is very important to us as a company. We are doing this not only with providing our products and services, but also through supporting Food 4 Heroes.


Food 4 Heroes, is a charity which aims to ensure all NHS frontline staff are able to access nutritious and delicious meals for as long as the COVID-19 crisis continues. As of early May, they had provided an incredible 100,000 meals! 

You can make a donation via this link.

£1.50 buys a vegatarian dish and £2 buys a meat dish!


Covid 19 20news 20banner

Drive DeVilbiss
Supporting Our NHS

April 2020 / Industry News

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare a key supplier of medical products, maintenance and decontamination services to the NHS is like many others, experiencing a huge increase in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The NHS is currently experiencing a shortage of many vitally important medical
products to support the care of critically ill patients. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare
are responding to the call and have increased production to support this at their
manufacturing sites in Holmfield, Halifax and Leicestershire.

Their UK production facilities are fully operational and are working tirelessly
around the clock to meet the ever-growing need for thousands of hospital and
home care products, to support critically ill patients in hospital, and also to
facilitate the discharge of recovering patients to recuperate at home.

Like all manufacturers, Drive DeVilbiss are hugely reliant on their supply chain
to ensure the provision of components and parts integral to these vital medical
products, and they have not been disappointed.

Suppliers have shown exceptional commitment responding to the calls for
continued and increased supplies to support Drive DeVilbiss and most
importantly the NHS during these unprecedented times.

“We would like to extend our thanks to all of our suppliers at this time, without
them and their commitment we would simply not be able to supply the vast
numbers of hospital and home care beds that our NHS so desperately needs. Our
UK suppliers have shown exceptional support during these last couple of weeks,
and we would like to highlight the fantastic work they are continuing to do; Hub
Le Bas Tubes, Manchester; TR Fastenings, Manchester; Bethel Rhodes & Sons
Ltd, Keighley; Thomas Brown Engineering Ltd, Huddersfield; Fisher Plastics Ltd,
Huddersfield; AAC Cyroma Ltd, Oxfordshire; Bright Screw, Leeds; JMT
Shopfitters, Wakefield and Ernest Gill, Halifax to name a few, thank you!”

“Our own colleagues working in production, distribution, purchasing, service and
decontamination, to name just a few of our teams who have shown resilience,
flexibility and determination to play their part to help the NHS. Thank you to
everyone for your commitment, not just to Drive DeVilbiss but ultimately for
helping to ease the burden on the NHS and other frontline services.”

Graham Turner Vice President International Product Management and Marketing
at Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd

For any enquiries regarding supply during this time, please
contact us at

Stay 20safe 20at 20home 20news 20image

the Stay at Home Range!

March 2020 / Other

With the low footfall that you may be experiencing in this difficult and trying time, we would like to offer support to our retailers and their customers by promoting our Stay Safe at Home range.


Independent Living Aids help with simple daily tasks to increase the quality of life and independence of the user. We can provide products to assist in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, living room, bedroom as well as helping to maintain well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

We hope that you will download the PDF via the link below and use it in your digital marketing activity, be it Social Media, Email Campaigns or a link from your website.

Please click here to view our Stay Safe at Home Range

Should you be sharing the Stay Safe at Home Range digitally, please also find this banner, which may be of use for your campaign. 

We recommend the currently tranding tag of #StaySafe at this time.

Don't forget that we can still offer delivery DIRECT to your customer's door!

If you are a Retailer with any questions or would like to place an order, please contact your Regional Account Manager or order online.

Covid 19 20news 20banner

Helpline Details

March 2020 / Other

The first daily COVID-19 briefing took place on the 16th March, with the PM asking us all ‘to go further’, as the country deals with the challenges of the Coronavirus crisis.


We want to connect with customers and keep them up to speed with what Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare are doing to ensure that we continue to provide the quality of service our customers have come to expect.


Contact our COVID-19 ‘helpline’ set up specifically to answer your queries on how we are managing the challenges arising from the pandemic.


Click here or put the address into a blank email to contact the helpline:

Top 20tips 20news 20web 20banner 20352x323px

Working From Home
Top Tips!

March 2020 / Other

With home working being implemented where possible due to the spread of COVID-19, employees are now tasked with trying to be just as productive without their normal resources and routines.


Therefore, here are some 'Top Tips' for home working:

1. Keep your normal daily routine.  Just because you're not commuting to work doesn't mean you should skip your weekday routine. This helps you to mentally prepare for the day ahead and gets you into the 'work' mindset.

2. Create a comfortable workspace environment that enables you to avoid any distractions and allows you to leave work behind at the end of the day.

3. Ensure you get some fresh air; you're likely going to spend a lot of time indoors. Open your windows to let in as much natural daylight and fresh air as possible, take short walks if this is possible.

4. Stay connected with your colleagues.  If you work within a team, make sure to keep in touch.  Besides email, it's a good idea to set up regular phone calls or use 'Teams' as an alternative to Skype or Face Time.

5. Fight the urge to multi-task.  Don’t let chores distract you from being productive, you wouldn’t be doing them if you were at work.  The same goes for other distractions such as the TV even if it's just used for background noise.

6. Prepare for disruption.  It's difficult enough to get work done if you have children at home, but even harder with younger kids like babies and toddlers. Still, it's not impossible if you plan ahead and have some flexibility.

Strictly news

Strictly Speaking...
Dancing treats Parkinson's

January 2020 / Other

A woman with Parkinson's arrives at a dance class in a wheelchair and leaves the room an hour later pushing it...

LESS INFO sounds like a miracle, but it's an example of how the therapeutic power of dance can help some people with the neurodegenerative disease.

Click here to read our featured article!

Dd knight stage 2 news small

Official Launch Video
The Knight ElectroFold Scooter

November 2019 / Other

We are pleased to say that The Knight Scooters are now in stock. To celebrate, we are revisiting the classic teaser and launch videos!


The initial video was this teaser, which eventually lead to the Launch Video which showcases the premium addition to our range of folding scooters. 


For more specific information about the Knight ElectroFold, please click here.

Queen honours latest news

Mobility Aids Scheme Finds Itself in Queen's Birthday Honours

August 2019 / Industry News

The founder of a mobility scheme that donates equipment to people in need has been recognised in the Queen’s birthday honours list for the work she has done.


Carole Gilson, who set up the Joe Gilson Mobility Scheme following the death of her husband, has now donated more than 4,000 mobility aids and received a British Empire Medal for her work.

Ms Gilson has already received a number of honours over the years recognising her work after she set up the scheme around 10 years ago.

She has now been invited to Buckingham Palace next year as part of being included in the honours list. The scheme began when Ms Gilson decided to donate her late husband’s old scooter and was surprised at the number of responders to her newspaper advert. She told a local newspaper that she intends to keep going with the scheme.

According to a report by The Midweek Herald, the Joe Gilson Mobility Scheme has donated 925 scooters, 368 walkers, 395 electric wheelchairs, 950 walking sticks, 790 manual wheelchairs, eight stairlifts, 91 ramps, 419 shower seats and 339 toilet seats.

For more of the latest industry news, please head over to Access & Mobility Professional

How to choose homepage image

How do you Choose Between a
Scooter and a Powerchair?

July 2019 / Other

There are many differences between a Scooter and a Powerchair. When powered mobility can have a postitive effect on a persons life, it's important to choose what meets their needs.


Here is a handy help guide from Drive Cares once you or a loved one has warmed to the fact that a power mobility device can have a positive impact on life.

Latest news hw009 launch

Dual Wheel Auto Folding Scooter
Product Relaunch

January 2019 / Product Relaunch

As a result of customer feedback we are delighted to relaunch our Auto Fold Scooter.


This popular scooter now features a Front Dual Wheel for customers additional safety, security and peace of mind.


For more information please click on link below:



Ddh 20logo 20for 20news 20slide

UK Exit from the EU
Brexit Statement

January 2019 / Brexit

Please click 'MORE INFO' to view a statement from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare's Government & LTC Director, Graham Turner.


The exit plans for the UK leaving the EU remain with a high level of uncertainty and there is no clear and precise guidance provided by government to industry other than suggestions on increasing stock, as they expect disruption at borders. In line with this, DOH have requested that suppliers of drugs and medical equipment to the NHS hold additional stock to support potential issues during the transition period.


The unclear nature of the Brexit negotiations and the political turmoil within UK government leaves no clear plan for the UK’s orderly exit from the EU, this is a substantive challenge for UK businesses and organisations who utilise products, parts and services which are sourced from outside of the UK.

We continue to wait for clarity and guidance on how the current exit plans will be formalised, this will see either a clear plan for the import/export of goods either by agreement or on WTO terms or an extension of the transition period to allow for a formal plan to be put in place.


As a business we both import goods from the EU and the rest of the world as well as manufacture products in the UK and export to the EU and globally. As a contingency, as we head towards the March 2019 deadline, we have plans in place to increase key stock levels of both finished goods and spare parts in order for us to continue to supply our products and services uninterrupted for an extended period beyond what we would normally stock.


The planning process for Brexit is a continually reviewed plan within Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Ltd. based upon the information and guidance from the UK government; our intention is to minimise any disruption in supply to our customers as far as possible.


We would stress to suppliers and customers that the likelihood of disruption at UK borders is very high in all scenarios other than an extension of the transition period, this will result in delays in both the importing and exporting of goods. For products which are required in the UK we urge our customers to prepare for potential delays and either forward order/put in place call-off orders to allow us to hold the correct stock levels to support continued uninterrupted service.


For our customers in Europe and the rest of the world, the same advice stands, and current guidance suggests that planning should be made to cover a period of 6 weeks of disruption in supply, with delivery times being extended by potentially between one and three weeks in the initial stages.

Xmas delivery small

Christmas Delivery Times 2018
Latest News

December 2018 / Other

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare will be closing for Christmas on Monday 24th December and re-opening on Wednesday 2nd January.


For guaranteed delivery before Christmas, please place your order no later than 5pm on Tuesday 18th December. Our warehousing facilities will continue to dispatch orders up to and including Friday 21st, and although we cannot guarantee delivery prior to Christmas after Tuesday, we will make every effort to dispatch orders as quickly as possible for pre-Christmas delivery. 


Welland Products

Welland product orders had to be placed before 4pm on Friday 7th December for a guaranteed delivery before Christmas. 


Thank you for your business throughout 2018 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

New instore catalogue news

New Catalogues & Stand Available

November 2018 / Other

For easy access to the catalogue, click MORE INFO. The design and content of this catalogue was specifically put together to help drive customers into our retail customers stores, highlighting the benefits of buying locally from a bricks and mortar business.


To easily view the new catalogue online, please click on this link.


I’m pleased to say we’ve already received some great feedback….


“Drive really are helping to drive customers into the store”

Spencer Coe, Scoota Mart


“This is so much better than any of the other catalogues out there”

Peter Hankinson Alpha Mobility


“I think it’s fantastic, very informative, they have been very well thought out, a great tool to use in store”

Tracy Suther, Active Mobility


“The market has been crying out for something like this”

Judy Mctigue, Wirral Mobility


“You’ve made my day/week/month/year! We have been trying to get abrochure with a great selection of products and no prices on for 2 years!”

Graeme Dymond, The Care Team


If you would like some copies of our catalogue and a retail stand sending out to your store, please contact your telephone advisor.

Grant sign news

Grant Abraham's was recently interviewed by A&MP

October 2018 / Other

In the interview Grant was able to explain the importance of mobility retailers and how Drive Devilbiss are focussed on readjusting its dealer strategy to support those customers in the future.


This interview looks at how Grant is answering sceptics within the market by boosting traditional dealers, and how Drive Devilbiss are offering support via the InStore Range, end user catalogues and its next day delivery service.

Read the interview here

Centre Stage at Trade Days 2018

October 2018 / Exhibitions

It was great to see so many of our retail customers at the Trade Days Show held recently at the NEC.

Trade Days was a fabulous platform for our ‘new look’ retail sales and specialist team to demonstrate the healthcare products and services we now offer. The combination of a new team and products illustrated how we can support 'bricks and mortar' dealers in growing their business.

Our new 4 wheel folding scooter secured really positive feedback, the additional options to our Rise Recline portfolio and the introduction of the Kedley support aids and Sleep Dry ranges all generated significant interest. No other Company within the industry can offer such a comprehensive product range to their customers.


Visitors really engaged with the Instore concept; demonstrating our commitment to develop business partnerships for the future, it offers an optimum range of products and services to assist our customers with growing their business.

If it wasn’t new product demonstrations, the launch of the Instore catalogue or the welcoming vibe emanating from the stand then there was always the smell of the bacon butties that attracted visitors with great fayre served throughout the day!

C2p18304 20 20trade 20days 20 20exhibitor 20toolkit 20 drive 20352x323 20180906

Trade Days 2018
7-8th October - Birmingham NEC

September 2018 / Exhibitions

The DDH team are looking forward to attending this year’s Trade Days Show @ the NEC in Birmingham which promises to be bigger and better than ever.


We will be showcasing many innovative new products, including our New Folding Scooter, a range of New Rise & Recliners plus many more. We will also be launching our exciting New Instore Independent Living catalogue, together with its excellent point of sale display stand.

Our Specialist Retail Team will be on hand to meet with you to discuss ways we can work together to grow your business; we are scheduling appointments now so don’t miss out. Contact us to secure a meeting between 10am – 12 noon or 2 – 4pm with one of our Specialist team

Our ‘new look’ field sales team are looking forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones, as always they are ready to demonstrate our new products and promote our Trade Days Show Offers… 2 Days Only!!!

Due to popular demand the Breakfast Butties are Back!! There will also be a selection of nibbles and drinks available throughout the day. 

The sales team are currently arranging appointments with customers, so please get in touch. Please visit our STAND TC50 – we look forward to seeing you there!!

New 20dd 5pm delivery latest news

New Next Day Delivery Service
For Retail Customers

January 2018 / Other

Responding quickly and accurately to customer requirements is vital in the retail field, and in particular the mobility market where there is an immediate requirement for products to improve quality of life.


With this in mind, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare continues to demonstrate commitment to retail customers with the introduction of a new, Guaranteed Next Day Delivery Service for all products ordered before 5pm, Monday to Friday. The offer covers all core retail lines in stock at the point of ordering and there is no additional cost for this improved service, we've held it at £15.00.

Setting the standards for the industry, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has been looking closely at all aspects of the business to identify areas for upgrade and improvement. Close links with distribution partners and investment in stockholding means the company can now provide this enhanced delivery option, designed to enable retail outlets to provide a faster service to their customers.   

“We are constantly looking to improve service levels across the board, and this fast delivery option represents an important step forward in providing our retail customers with the speed of response they need to react instantly to developing customer requirements,” stated Grant Abrahams, Retail Director for Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare.

The next day delivery option will be introduced on 1 February 2018.


Terms and conditions apply, please contact Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare for more information.